The History Of Wendy Williams Recent Health Complications

Wendy Williams’s health issues continue to concern fans as the daytime talk show host has been out of the public eye for several months. Despite reassuring fans that she was better than ever in an interview earlier this week, ex-husband Kevin Hunter took to his social media with a statement that has fans worried once again for the television star. Let’s take a look at the new information he’d shed on her health and her overall complications in the last few years.

Wendy Williams struggles with Graves disease. This autoimmune disorder is a condition that causes the thyroid to overproduce hormones and can affect someone’s overall health. For Wendy, it has resulted in swelling of her feet, bulging of her eyes, and an overall fatigue and weakness.

In 2017, Wendy fainted on set of her show during Halloween while dressed like The Statue of Liberty. Shortly after this, she went public with her diagnosis. In an episode of her show, she thanked fans for their concern and told them that they had actually caught it before she did, with several people noting online that her eyes were beginning to bulge, a sign of thyroid disease. She explained that graves disease squeezes the muscles behind your eyeballs and makes you lose weight. Williams fought back the tears, and she explained to fans what she would now be battling.

Wendy Williams also has lymphedema, which causes fluid to build up in her feet. This is caused because the body is not able to carry lymphs through its various vessels, tissues, and organs the way it should. The disorder means she can no longer wear heels and has a hard time standing for long periods, which is why she sits often. It has caused her feet to be discolored and hardened.

Things only got worst for Williams, who slipped back into substance abuse following her husband’s infidelity going public after it was revealed he had fathered a child with his mistress of several years. Williams ended up getting checked into rehab and being put under constant watch. Her marriage would soon end in divorce, and the daytime talk show host seemed to be heading towards a career end.
Things brightened up, however, when she returned for her show’s 12th season. A newly single Wendy seemed chipper, refreshed and ready to date and talked about new things in her life. Unfortunately, the last episode of season 12 was the last time we’d ever see Wendy on her purple chair. Season 13 came on without Williams, and it was announced that she had contracted COVID-19 and was having a rough time fighting it.

They would continue to push back her television return, letting fans know that the combination of COVID, Graves Disease, and her thyroid condition meant the star needed to remain under constant doctor supervision and was under no circumstances ready to return. In her absence, several people hosted her show, with Sherri Shephard becoming a fan favorite. Eventually, it was announced that Williams’s show would be, and Sherri would take over the time slot with a new show this fall.

Williams released a statement over the weekend telling fans that her television production company told her she could come back whenever she was ready. Williams said she is still three months out from being ready to return but wanted fans to know that rumors about her mental health are false. Wendy is currently fighting for access to her bank accounts after her financial advisor ruled that she was the victim of manipulation and potential mental illness following some recent unusual transactions. She told GMA that her health is very well and that she has the mind and body of a 25-year-old. She feels that Wells Fargo does not like that she is spending her money on family and enjoying life, but this is what she wants to do at the moment.

Today her ex-husband Kevin Hunter came forward to clean the air and shed some light on what happened between him and Wendy. He admits to his wrongdoing and hurting his ex-wife. He then talked about how Wendy Williams had two blood transfusions following her initially getting sick that helped save her life and how his son fought to get her medical care when she needed it most.

Fans criticized Hunter for once again trying to cash in on Wendy’s name. “His broke and trying get back with Wendy 😂😂😂😂” said one. Another said, “Please let this woman recover in peace now.” Do you think Wendy Williams will return to day time ever?

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