Rapper The Game Is Worth More Than $10 Million, But He Doesn’t Believe In Saving His Money

The Game is a pretty successful rapper. He found fame at a time when the music industry was really a cash printing factory and has been able to coast for the last decade or so off his massive debut. He’s developed some pretty insane spending habits and claims he is not very interested in saving either. 

How The Rapper Achieved His Millions

The Game’s massive fortune is clearly tied to his debut album, The Documentary, and the multiplatinum status it achieved upon its release. The West Coast rapper was surrounded by the likes of 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and Eminem, so he clearly picked up some quick tips on how to become and remain a millionaire.  While he’s never reached the same height of success as his debut, he has racked up hits over the years and continues to tour and invest in businesses. He’s ventured into acting, was a significant investor in the Basketball team Inglewood Cobras, and has designed shoes and clothing. 

The Game Invested In Cannabis Company In 2016 

In 2016, The Game entered the highly lucrative cannabis industry. Titled The Reserve, he was one of the first to get in on LA’s pot dispensary licenses before weed was officially legalized in the city. It was also reported that same year that “The Game was working with Anaheim-based GFarmaBrands to create his own strains of the plant to be used for both traditional cigarettes and drinks, including lemonade,” according to Forbes. The Game said his mission was to offer safe and legal access to a plant that he believes saves and enriches lives. 

The Game Criticized His Reported Net Worth Of $10 Million.

According to CelebrityNetWorth, The Game’s current net worth is estimated at $10 Million. However, the rapper claims the information is incorrect and he’s worth way more. The Game is so rich that he’s been able to turn down money to sit at home and play video games. He admitted to Complex that he was offered $7 million to go on tour but decided that leveling up on NBA 2K was more important to him. “I turned down like a $6 -$7 million tour because I was trying to hit legend on 2K.” Apparently, it was worth it for The Game because he said he hit legend first that year. The real lesson, though, was happiness for him. He was not mentally prepared to go on tour and thinks his decision to stay home was healthier. 

The Game Doesn’t Believe In Saving Money.

Elsewhere in his Complex Magazine interview, The Game opens up about his philosophy on spending money. According to him, he’s already blown through $13 million so and has no intent on saving. “For what!?” he declares. Game says that he’s always been more of a fan of cash and does not feel like money is real unless it is tangible and in his hand. 

“I don’t believe in saving your money. These days money isn’t even money. It’s on the phone.” The Game says that movies like Scarface and New Jack City made him a fan of cold hard cash. “I could be standing next to Elon Musk. It doesn’t mean he’s richer than me in life.” He goes on to dismiss money as “numbers in your phone” and says that real riches are in character and confidence. 

The Game Currently Owes y Priscilla Rainey $7 Million

Despite having money to burn, The Game owes $7 million to Priscilla Rainey that he has yet to pay up. As a result, the Illinois Court handling the case reportedly opted to pay Rainey with the album sales of The Game’s album Born 2 Rap which was dropping around the time of the lawsuit.  Rainey accused The Game of assaulting her back in 2015 during the filming of his reality show She’s Got Game. He reportedly touched her inappropriately when the cameras were not around. The Game denied these claims but continuously missed court dates making it hard for him to prove his innocence. 

The Game was later accused of hiding his show money, so he did not have to pay her. Her legal team eventually had Game’s Cash App account seized. The federal judge was able to clear him out, but he still owes Rainey money.  During a concert appearance around the time of the initial decision, he joked with fans that he’d just lost $7 million and did not care. “Today, I read on the internet they said I lost seven million. [shoot], what I’m a do now? Is Popeyes hiring?” he quipped.

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