The Family Of Atatiana Jefferson Has Faced Much Loss Following Her Passing In 2019

The family of Atatiana Jefferson is facing another tragedy today. Following her passing in 2019, her family has had to navigate one loss after the other. Today news breaks that her sister has also passed, leaving behind her young son. Let’s take a look and the family tragic last few years and who else they’ve lost.

Atatiana Jefferson life was taken on the morning of October 12, 2019. The 28-year-old’s neighbor had reported her door was open and called a non-emergency number. When authorities arrived, they entered the property and discharged at Atatiana. Officer Aaron Dean resigned shortly afterward and was taken into custody for the incident. Dean was recently found guilty is currently serving 12 years behind bars.

Weeks later, while her family was still grieving her loss, Atatiana’s father would also pass away. Marquis A. Jefferson was only 59 years old. He suffered cardiac arrest and was taken to a hospital in Dallas, where he was pronounced deceased. Atatiana was his only child. Family spokesperson Bruce Carter believed the incident had done a number on his health. “He ultimately just succumbed to, I don’t know, I can only say a broken heart. He just never recovered from the grieving process.” Marquise fought to be involved in Atatiana’s funeral and trial despite health issues and a strained relationship with her mother.

By January of 2020, Yolanda Carr would also pass. Atatiana’s mother, Yolanda, had fallen ill that month and had been in the hospital. She did get to see some justice delivered for her daughter before passing, thanking God that the man responsible had been sentenced. “Thank you, Jesus. Even though I know we have a long way to go, at least we got the charge on him,” she told CNN. Sources close to the family believe that the loss of her daughter had done a number on her health as well.

Civil Rights attorney S. Lee Merritt released a statement saying, “Police brutality impacts entire families, communities, and generations. There is no doubt Ms. Carr’s recovery was complicated by the tragedy of her daughter’s passing. We will continue the fight in her honor.” Atatiana had reportedly moved closer to home to take care of her mother before she passed. Today it was announced that Atatiana’s sister Amber Carr has also passed away.

The 33-year-old was surrounded by family and loved ones when she transitioned. Merritt is still connected with the family and released a statement on their behalf saying that Amber suffered congestive heart failure and had been moved to hospice earlier this month to begin her transition. Amber is the mother of Zion Carr, the nephew who was present with Atatiana the morning her life was taken. “We are asking for your continued prayers and support as her two young sons deal with her transition,” Merritt told his social media followers.

Amber had been sick since the trial and was hospitalized when Dean was convicted. Merritt is currently promoting a Go Fund Me to help Zion and his brother now that his mother is gone.

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