The Bernie Mac Show Actresses ‘Baby Girl’ and ‘Nessa’ Are All Grown Up Now

Bernie Mac’s show has left a lasting legacy. The late comic delivered an iconic series based on his stand-up from The Kings of Comedy film. While people still love the show, that does not mean its cast has been able to continue working. While the Hollywood machine has turned its back on them, two of Bernie’s on-screen children have found income thanks to Only fans.

The Bernie Mac show ran from November 2001 to April of 2006. It starred Bernie as a married man who ends up having to raise his sister’s three children after she ends up in rehab. The story is loosely based on a time in Bernie’s life when he was raising his sister’s child, but most of the series is fictional. The children include eldest Vanessa “Nessa” Thomkins (Camille Winbush), middle child Jordan Jay Thomkins (Jeremy Suarez), and youngest Bryana “Baby Girl” Thomkins (Dee Dee Davis). When the show ended, the three children all had varied experiences looking for work in Hollywood and have shared their stories at length over the years.

Jeremy Suarez ended up leaving acting behind after realizing how hard it was for him to find work with studios preferring to hire adult actors who “looked” young over actual children. It was easier since they did not have to abide by child labor laws and cheaper since they did not have to hire tutors. He eventually resorted to having to work in construction and retail. But everything wasn’t all bad. In 2017, the actor got married to his wife, Maria Suarez.

His on-screen sister Camile Winbush had slightly more luck. Over the years, she scored roles in shows like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and Stong Medicine. These days she enjoys a decent social media following and does some influencer work. Fueled by the lack of work following the pandemic, Camile decided to join OnlyFans to make some extra cash. Making her announcement in February of 2021, the 34-year-old offered “minimal nudity” while promoting more beauty and fashion things and being able to speak to her audience less filtered.

Fans have managed to leak some of her content to Twitter, and much of it is very racy but not explicit. She fired back at fans criticizing her, saying, “The trolls are hungry again so here’s some food for thought- I’ve never been arrested, never been on drugs, don’t have any baby daddies, I pay all my taxes, I drink water and mind the business that pays me.”

It seems she inspired her on-screen baby sister because Dee Dee Davis is now stepping into OnlyFans as well. She made her announcement a week ago on a post with the comments disabled. “Onlyfans link in bio 🌹,” she said. Over on the actual site, her bio reads, “I’m a Big girl now 🖤No Nudity.”

Camile jumped into her comments on another post with her full support saying, “Yaassss! Now J needs to take his shirt off so people can be mad at him, too 😂.” His wife responded, “we’ll pass on that suggestion.”

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