Texas Children’s Hospital Is Ranked #2 In The Nation, But Is Now Being Sued Over Accidental Procedure On 4-Year-Old Boy

The Most Common Doctor Sued Is Obstetricians/ Gynecologists

It’s been reported that over 17,000 medical malpractice claims are filed every year in the United States. Out of this staggering amount, the majority of doctors sued are Obstetricians and gynecologists. Amongst the many reasons they get sued, a lot of times its due to failure to diagnosis an issue. Others are sued for failure to treat a problem, and over 31% are sued for the patient suffering some type of pain that is considered abnormal for the procedure performed. 57% of these claims are connected to incidents that occur in hospitals. 

Parents Of 4-Year-Old Boy Is Suing Texas Children’s Hospital

One hospital currently trending in the news is a Texas facility that accidentally performed a vasectomy on a 4-year-old child. The bizarre incident happened after the kid was checked in due to swelling in his private area. The doctor recommended the child be treated for a hernia repair to alleviate the pain. They are unsure if it was a mistake or on purpose as the doctor involved does not have a history of malpractice. The hospital alerted the boy’s parents of the mistake, and they are planning to sue the doctor and hospital for this gross oversight. They are asking for 1 million dollars. 

About Texas Children’s Hospital

The hospital involved in the incident is the Texas Children’s Hospital, located in Houston. The facility is most known for being the main training site for The Baylor College of Medicine. According to BCM’s site, Texas Children’s Hospital provides medical care in more than 40 pediatric subspecialties. It is ranked one of the best colleges in the country and was rated in the top 10 best children’s hospitals by Parent’s Magazine. 

Texas Hospital Is Ranked #2 In The Nation

Just this month, the Texas Children’s Hospital jumped up to Number 2 on the National U.S News & World Report list. According to the Houston Chronicle, “Texas Children’s improved upon last year, when it ranked as the third-best pediatric hospital in the country. It also ranked as the best hospital in Texas for the 14th year in a row.”

Dr. Susan L. Jarosz’s Profile Has Been Removed From Hospital Website

Susan L. Jarosz was the doctor response for the accidental procedure, and the hospital is already trying everything to distance itself from her. This has included taking her off the company’s website. Despite removing her profile, a Google search shows a snippet from her biography which states, “I strive to provide state of the art pediatric urologic care in a caring, compassionate environment.” Baylor College is Medicine has yet to remove her profile, which is still up. 

In Joroaz’s DocSpot profile, we learn that she specializes in Urology and has eight years of experience. She studied at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 2014.  According to reports from the lawyers representing the child, “the doctor went in laparoscopically, which means not an open incision, and doing it on a 2-D model, on television, failed to identify exactly what she was cutting and cut the wrong tube.” 

The Procedure Is A Form Of Birth Control For Men

We’ve been hearing the word vasectomy thrown around in the media a lot lately, especially in the case of Nick Cannon, who has been joking about needing one due to his growing family.  A vasectomy is “a form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to your semen. The procedure has a low risk of problems and can usually be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia,” according to the Mayo Clinic. Unfortunately, for the 4-year-old boy, his parents are concerned the accidental surgery could potentially cause him issues like having a family.

Other Accidental Vasectomy’s in the News 

This is not the first time a male has left the hospital unable to have children anymore. A British man in 2014 reported having an accidental procedure after some confusion during surgery. The procedure was performed at Royal Liverpool Hospital on a man who had gone in for a urological procedure. The hospital apologized publicly and offered to perform a reversal which has a success rate of about 55% if performed within ten years of the initial procedure. 

“We can confirm a patient who was scheduled to have a different minor urological procedure was wrongly given a vasectomy,” Dr. Peter Williams told Medical Daily. “We greatly regret the distress this has caused him…This is a serious incident, and we are investigating this fully to understand why it occurred and how we can ensure it does not happen again.” 137 similar cases were found in the UK over a 6 month period according to The Telegram.

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