Taye Diggs Reveals His Mother Sent Apryl Jones To Him, Said She Is The One

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones are the unlikely couple that has taken the internet by storm. Despite no one seeing them coming, the duo has become an “aww” factory with their cute social media posts and romantic banter. Now the pair are opening up more on how they met and what brought them together. According to Diggs, his deceased mother had a hand in it.

Diggs and Jones hit it off almost instantly, according to their account on a recent pod. While discussing their union on Unconciously Coupled, he explained how the connection was so intense that he did not even want to be intimate with her right away. Within the first month, things blossomed between them, and Diggs started to notice physical interactions with Jones that reminded him of his late mother. Diggs says that while stretching, his mother used to interlock her fingernails with his. “She used to play with my fingernails,” he said of his mom.

Diggs explains that Jones was the first woman to ever do that to him. Apryl says she had never done it before with her previous partners. Even the way Jones would kiss him on his head felt like the way his mother used to. Taye Diggs has one kid, while Apryl Jones has two children with singer Omarion. The couple claims they waited one year before they introduced their children to each other.

Taye says he has a lot of psychic friends who he keeps in touch with, and shortly after realizing that Jones was doing things like his mother, one of those friends randomly reached out. “I get the text from my psychic that goes ‘she’s the one.'” Diggs says he was confused at first, but the psychic told him, “you’re dating someone, right?” When Diggs confirmed, the friend said that they were with his mother’s spirit and that she took credit for sending Apryl his way.

Diggs said he showed Apryl Jones, and they both started crying. “It was crazy. And then somebody else said she was coming through,” referring to his mother’s spirit. The hosts agree that the couple have undeniable chemistry and that they shared posts of Taye and Apryl upon seeing them on Instagram. “Whoever this is, this is it. This is Taye’s girl.” The host, who is a good friend of Taye’s and said that she immediately noticed the difference in his energy before and after meeting Apryl.

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