Youtube Blogger Tasha K Relocates To Africa Months After Being Ordered To Pay Cardi B $4 Million

Cardi B and Tasha K’s beef continues to make headlines amidst new reports that Tasha fled to Africa to avoid paying Cardi following their lawsuit. Things between the pair kicked off in 2019. Tasha K, a popular Youtube blogger, has managed to position herself at the center of several scandals by sharing her opinions and “insider knowledge.” Unfortunately, she does not have the same type of legal teams on tap like Wendy Williams to help avoid lawsuits, and Cardi B hit her where it hurts with a suit alleging damages and invasion of privacy.

Cardi and her camp said that Tasha K was spreading lies and misinformation about the “Bodak Yellow” star. Cardi said the false claims caused her to feel “helpless.” Tasha admitted to making up some of the rumors for money and eventually was found guilty and ordered to pay Cardi $2.5 million in damages and $1.3 million in legal fees. They also forced Tasha K to delete any videos from her Youtube channel that spoke ill of Cardi or spread any lies.

Tasha has not completely given up hope and has filed a counter suit to see if she can get her ruling overturned. Tasha is now in Africa “enjoying a vacation,” but many think the blogger has fled the United States in hopes of not having to pay up. In a recent post, she captioned it, “Life in Africa is turning out to be exactly what I needed. A fresh start ! This week I will be releasing my first VLOG of my new life in Africa and showing you all our expanded family.” When pressed by fans to answer why she is running from paying Cardi, Tasha says that she is not fleeing and just enjoying her time aboard.

Cardi issued a warning tweet with little context, but fans seemed to know what’s up. “Don’t pay attention…FRIDAY going to be real bad for her …toodles,” she said on September 14th. One fan responded, “everyone knows Cardi is writing about Tasha K.”

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