Tammy Rivera’s Teen Permanently Banned From TikTok, Calls Out Company

Tammy Rivera’s daughter Charlie is regretting her TikTok rant from a few weeks ago. The reality television star is venting after her account got banned following a very disturbing live where she alluded to having an emotional breakdown. Let’s get into her latest post and find out why she might have gotten blocked for the live. 

Charlie is Tammy Rivera’s daughter with a man named Brian Williams. After the pair split, Tammy met rapper Waka Flocka Flame. The two would get married, and Waka would adopt Charlie and raise her as his own daughter. Fans have been able to watch Charlie grow up before their very eyes through her various reality show stints. Currently, she is starring alongside her mother and Waka in the latest season of Waka & Tammy on WETV. 

Charlie has had a tough time in her teens. Through the show, we’ve seen her struggle with her sexuality, coping with fame, and dealing with typical teen things. She and Tammy have bumped heads quite a few times on air, with Tammy admitting that her daughter can be a little feisty and knows how to provoke her.  In a TikTok live from a few weeks ago, a visibly distraught Charlie vented about wanting to be left alone and having no friends.

While seated on the floor and crying, she yelled, “I don’t have people to talk to. I be up all night, till 7 in the morning thinking.” She asked that everyone disappear from her life and declared, “I’m having a mental breakdown!” Charlie continued to go off while people in the comments tried to calm her down. She admitted wanting to lock herself in her room and “never come out,” and then said, “I don’t belong on this little planet called earth.” 

It is unclear what happened after this, but somehow her TikTok account got banned. She took to another site to complain about it, saying that she does not understand what happened and that she did not say or do anything wrong. “I don’t talk about nobody,” she said. “I be minding my business. So now I can’t go live on my TikTok anymore because of you mfs.” 

Charlie says that people hate her so bad and does not understand why she was banned, but does not mention the concerning live from a few weeks ago. Most people in the comments do not seem to be aware of the previous live either and defended her for wanting her account back. 

Tami Roman chimed in, saying, “If you don’t get paid for your social media content, then you shouldn’t be commenting… respectfully. These young ppl are getting paid paid so she’s well within her humanly right to be upset. This ban could be messing up her bag.” Her mother Tammy Rivera commented, saying, “@tamiroman absolutely Thank you! Buttt her a** shouldn’t be cursing like this either!”

People are starting to really be concerned for Charlie. One person commented, “She’s always been a bit different. And Tammy would go off when she cries on the show. She needs medication and a supportive mom.”

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