Tamera Mowry-Housley Reflects On Her Time On ‘The Real’

Tamera Mowry-Housley made her exit from the daytime talk show The Real in July of 2020 after seven years. The “Sister Sister” star was a founding host on the series and for years offered her humble and kind take to the gossip and hot topic genre. This was not by mistake, as Mowry recently admitted that her time on the show was actually a struggle due to her being so nice. While she’s has moved on to the more family-friendly world of Hallmark, she is finally shedding light on her exit and the things she endured behind the scenes.

Tamera has always been prone to family-friendly entertainment. She and her sister Tia made their debut on the ABC Network’s “Sister, Sister.” This relationship expanded into a larger one with Disney, who not only put their show into syndication but also offered their young brother Taj Mowry his own series. Tia and Tamera would go on to star in the Halloween classic Twitches and its sequels before going their separate ways in adulthood and pursuing different career paths.

While Tia has moved towards more sitcom-based work like The Game and Netflix’s Family Reunion, Tamera took some time away from the spotlight before re-emerging on the panel-driven talk show. Similar to The View, The Real focused on five women of color telling it “like it is.” She kicked off the show in 2013 with Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon-Haughton, Jeannie Mai-Jenkins, and Tamar Braxton. Braxton eventually left the show under less than peaceful circumstances, and rumors have gone on for years pointing at cast drama and on-set fighting leading to her exit.

Mowry had her own share of drama as well. Several times her comments rubbed people wrong. She was often criticized for her interracial marriage to an American journalist, former professional baseball player, and current winery owner Adam Housley. Housley has been accused of being racist over the years due to his affiliation with Fox News. During an episode of The Real, Mowry addressed it, saying “there are some people who think that my husband is racist because he worked for a certain channel. I’m gonna look in that camera right there and let everybody know my husband is not a racist.”

Mowry admits that it was things like that made being on the show hard for her. She says that she was not prepared for how people would misconstrue her words and turn them against her. While she initially said she wanted to spend more time with her family and pursue other types of opportunities, she is making it clear now that the show was not always fun or pleasant. She compared the backlash she got to “showing up to war unprepared.” “They will take what you say, put it out of context of who they think you are, and that is what happened for years on that show,” she said in a recent interview.

The former Real host described the show and any other ‘talk show’ as not a “safe space” and told listeners they could take it or leave it. She went on to say that she began to not care what people thought and fought hard to present herself and her thoughts without editing herself. This did eventually take a toll, and she left as a result. Hear more of her interview below.

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