Tamar Braxton Wishes She Had A Time Machine To See Sister, Traci Again

When it looks like the sun would not shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the sky.┬áTogether, Toni, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and Traci Braxton would often sing the lyrics of this song. On March 12, 2022, a rainbow was put in the Braxton family’s sky when sadly, Traci Braxton succumbed to her battle with cancer. Amid all the tributes pouring in for the beloved Braxton sister, her youngest sister, Tamar Braxton, shared an emotional post saying just how much she misses her sister. The singer hopped on to Instagram to share her wishes that she had a time machine.

The tragic news of Traci Braxton’s passing undoubtedly shook fans as it did her family. According to a statement made to NBC News by her husband, Kevin Surratt, the “Last Call” singer was being treated for esophageal cancer for the last year. She was surrounded by her family and friends at the time of her unfortunate passing.

Since the reality star’s untimely passing, her family members have posted sentimental, heartfelt tributes to the 50-year-old. However, the last of Traci Braxton’s siblings to post was Tamar Braxton. On March 13, Tamar Braxton posted a blacked-out screen with R&B singer Muni Long’s single “Time Machine” as the soundtrack. Some of the lyrics of the song highlight wanting to change things in the past. “Wish I had a time machine. Baby, if I had a time machine, I would hop inside my time machine, And rearrange history. Get rid of some of these memories,” some of the lyrics of the song speak.  “My Dear Traci, come back,” the singer and television personality captioned the post along with a heartbroken emoji.

The “Love And War” singer and Traci have had their share of issues like any siblings do. Their relationship, along with all of the sisters, was estranged at one point, according to Tamar Braxton, due to their WETv series, Braxton Family Values. As a result, Traci Braxton and her youngest sister would often involve themselves in heated verbal exchanges that were caught by WETv’s cameras.

But as the years went on, it was clear that their relationship was on the up and up. Tamar Braxton told Hollywood Life in March of 2021 that they were making “amazing strides” in the rebuilding of their relationship. Along with feeling “grateful” for where they were at the moment, the singer stated that she was “just so proud of the respect that we have for each other now.”

The negative times weren’t the only things highlighted on Braxton Family Values. Many of their fun-filled, high-spirited, overall loving moments were shared throughout its seasons. In a clip that’s now circulating on social media, Tamar can be heard speaking of her love for her “funny” and “crazy as hell” sister, Traci Braxton. Another clip shows Tamar celebrating her sister while the pair appeared on The Real together, calling her “one of my favorite human beings on the planet.”

On Traci Braxton’s 50th birthday in April 2021, Tamar shared a beautiful post that expressed her “newfound appreciation and love” for their sisterhood. Tamar Braxton posted a picture of a red-headed Traci Braxton with a stunning smile. She said it was her “favorite” photo of her. “It’s been up and down but you are still my baby,” the Grammy Award-nominated singer wrote. Admitting that she hasn’t been the “best little sister,” Tamar added her mission to be Traci Braxton’s “Best baby sister” she ever had. She also expressed her hopes that Traci felt her efforts.

“You are so beautiful and your heart is even more beautiful,” stated Tamar Braxton. Wishing her a happy birthday, the former co-host of The Real added her prayers that God would grant Traci Braxton many more years on Earth. “I love you with my entire heart,” she concluded.

Tamar Braxton’s words to Traci Braxton on her 50th birthday definitely hit harder, knowing that her sister was battling cancer at the time. Fans worldwide have continued to bombard social media with heartwarming tributes to Traci. They’ve also commented under Tamar Braxton’s post to offer her words of healing, thoughtfulness, comfort, and prayers.

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