T-Pain Once Blew $40 Million In 10 Years, Now He Has A Net Worth Of $10 Million & Making Most Of His Money In Gaming, Not Music

T-Pain is a groundbreaking musician who pioneered the use of autotune and pitch correction technology in pop music in the mid-’00s. The producer made millions in the ringtone era and topped several charts before blowing it all in only ten years. Let’s take a look back at T-Pain’s career and spending. 

T-Pain’s Net Worth Was Estimated At $35 Million In 2018

T-Pain found his success thanks to a series of hit records both for himself and the likes of Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, and Lil Wayne. Born Faheem Rasheed Najm, the American rapper, singer, and producer found success at a time when record sales still dominated and managed to line his pockets with millions thanks to his impressive sales. His sophomore album Epiphany debuted at number 1 and sold over 2 million copies making it double platinum. Singles “Bartender” and “Buy You a Drink” became signatures for Pain, who self-produced and penned the entire project. Kanye West sights Pain as a big inspiration for his album 808s and Heartbreaks. Will all that success, T-Pain had amassed a fortune of $35 million by 2018. 

T-Pain Went Broke After Blowing $40 Million

Unfortunately, he was not as brilliant with his spending as he was with his music, and T-Pain quickly found himself broke after spending $40 million in 10 years.  T-Pain blames his spending on a lack of knowledge and not realizing that the money could go away. “Everybody before me that I had to look up to always said that once you start rapping, it’s just good money, all the time,” he told Jackass star Steve-O during an interview last year. T-Pain was so frivolous that he purchased a 2.1 million dollar Bugatti and sold it later for $800k. He then purchased the home next door to his and connected it with a pathway. T-Pain had not realized that his money was all gone at this point. 

He claims he just assumed his balances would always be good because of his royalties and never checked his accounts. T-Pain trusted other people to do this and let them mismanage his money. “They all knew that if I ever found out I was broke, the party was over for everybody, so they were all like, ‘don’t let him know that he doesn’t have any money, because if he finds out, we’re all gone.'” During a Breakfast Club interview, T-Pain admitted that things got so bad he would have to borrow money for Burger King. T-Pain says he now knows what it feels like to go from mega-rich to super broke. 

In 2019 T-Pain Won Masked Singer

With his bank account on the decline, it was time for T-Pain to get back out in the world and make some money. In 2019 he helped make the series The Masked Singer a huge success, becoming its first winner in the U.S. The same day he won, he released an album titled 1UP. That same year he also went on tour and hosted the iHeartRadio Music Awards. He’s also made several television appearances guesting on Bar Rescue, This is Pop, We Bare Bears, and Go-Big Show. He was also the singing voice of Tom the cat in the live-action Tom & Jerry film. T-Pain also does a lot of work with Complex Magazine and is a big part of their Complex Con. 

T-Pain Signed A Deal With Twitch In 2021

Last year T-Pain officially stepped into the next generation of his career, signing a deal with Twitch. The deal makes T-Pain an official partner of the gaming/streaming channel where he regularly plays games and makes music with the interaction of fans. T-Pain released a single via Twitch last year titled “I’m Cool With That,” which he wrote with fans. “The track was created in real-time with T-Pain’s amazing Twitch community while he live-streamed the beat, with fans who were tuned in assisting by commenting potential lyrics,” Twitch said in a statement.  The rapper turnt singer, recently sat with Steve-O on Wild Ride  when he revealed he’s now making more money gaming than he does in music. “I’m making more money off of video games than I have made in the last four years,” he admitted. “Just playing them. Playing video games.” It doesn’t seem to matter that he’s not very good because people keep tuning in and Twitch keeps the bankroll coming.

In 2022 He Announced He’s Now A Restaurant Owner

2022 means more wins for T-Pain, who has officially learned from his overspending and is focused on keeping his pockets full and his family taken care of. According to celebrity net worth, T-Pain’s net worth is currently $10 million. The singer is currently on his Road To Wiscansin Tour with select dates leading up to his actual Wiscansin Festival in Milwaukee. Pain also purchased a restaurant and took to Twitter to let fans know that he is soldiering forward with a handful of business ventures to make sure he never goes broke again. “In this new chapter of my life, I’m taking the leap on anything I truly love and believe in,” he said before plugging his Podcast, Entertainment company, Gaming Network, Automotive, and film companies all under his Nappy Boy Imprint. “I’m officially a restaurant owner. Got my keys today, and I’m scared as shit. BUT! I can no longer ignore the paths God has set for me just because I don’t understand or I’m scared.”

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