T-Pain Has Been Married For 18 Years, But For The First Seven Years His Wife Kept A Huge Secret From Him

T-Pain has been married since 2003. The R&B hitmaker recently stopped by The Angie Martinez show to discuss his life and career, during which time he offered up some marriage advice. The concept of marriage is one that is constantly evolving in the public, especially when it comes to celebrities and their unique unions. T-Pain reveals that one of the key components to their happiness has been his wife’s discovery of her bisexuality and how they’ve been able to utilize it to their benefit.

T-Pain and his wife Amber Najm are the latest couple to admit to opening up their relationship to other people. While talking with Angie Martinez, T-Pain reveals that he does not have to resist temptation when it comes to other women. While he admits he has a big appetite for women, he reveals that so does his wife.

The pair made the discovery together after seven years of marriage during a vacation to the Dominican Republic. While there his wife confessed to “liking” a woman. T-Pain said “like her how?” Which surprised the singer after being married so long. According to T-Pain, the conversation never came up and his wife did not know this information prior to the trip. Angie Martinez believed T-Pain brought his wife into the lifestyle. However, he denied. T-Pain admitted the two were very drunk and feeling adventurous so they decided to interact with the woman. This has been a big part of their relationship ever since.

While they do entertain other women together, he clarifies that their relationship is not open. By his definition, they are not allowed to date other people nor are they interested in ‘interacting’ with people separately. He says the key is that it has to be his “wife’s idea” for it to work, meaning most times she is the one who initiates and picks the other woman. “Even if it’s your idea, it’s still your wife’s idea,” the Bartender singer stated, claiming everything from what you eat to the things do have to be your wife’s idea.

T-Pain did offer more practical advice as well, saying when problems arise you must attack the problem and not the relationship. The singer believes often times people find it easier to attack each other instead of the problem at hand. Using another analogy, the rapper turnt singa says – when the light bulb is broken in the house, you replace the light bulb, and not the house. After laying down gems on maintaining 18 years of marriage, T-Pain believes you should be friends first, and everything should workout as long as your partner isn’t a terrible person.

T-Pain and Amber are not the only couple to have this type of arrangement. Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are rumored to have a similar arrangement. For years it was speculated that Teyana dated other women. She got pretty close with Kehlani in her music video for “In the Morning” and sang about the topic on her album K.T.S.E. If that wasn’t enough, the singer insists everything she sings about – she’s been through. When pressed on the subject, Teyana Taylor claimed there are no limits when you are married.

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