Sydney Leday Comes Forward With Her Story Month After Being Struck Along With TakeOff

The November 1st incident that claimed the life of TakeOff involved other individuals who are now coming forward. While fans of the Migos rapper have focused on his legacy and finding justice for what happened to him, others are now starting to shed a spotlight on the woman who was also hit during the situation. She opened up about the events of the evening and shed new light on what was happening.

While it took a month for HPD to pin down an individual, the person accused of being responsible for Takeoff’s passing is currently out on bond. Patrick Xavier Clark was charged after being found trying to flee Texas with a bag full of money while awaiting his passport. Clark maintains that he has been set up even though HPD claims they had hard evidence linking him to the incident. Clark’s requests for a private investigator was approved, and a generous family member donated the money to get him out on bond. He is currently under house arrest.

Quavo is the first Migos member to release any new music about the ordeal. Offset has maintained his silence. In a song titled “Without You,” Quavo rapped about the good times and how much he misses his nephew. Sources close to Quavo allege that the rapper was arguing that evening about the dice being loaded during a dice game. In total, three people are speculated to have been hit during the incident.

The individuals include TakeOff, an unidentified 24-year-old man, and a woman named Sydney Leday. The media did not spend a lot of time cover the other two individuals claiming their wounds were “non-threatening.” Sydney recently came forward to discuss the evening, claiming her survival was a miracle after spending one week in the hospital. “Everybody was around the table playing a game of dice. I thought it was friendly banter,” she said of the arguing. However, Leday said Quavo was really upset and that’s when she knew something was wrong.

“I saw when everything broke out. I tried to run. I didn’t go that far. It was like a movie.” Sydney said she heard shots all the way until she reached her vehicle. She did not realize Takeoff loss his life that night. Sydney says she was struck in the head and is grateful to have survived. Local news station KHOU11 released pictures of Sydney in a hospital bed – hooked up to tubes. Fans in the comments sent her prayers and were upset that Sydney’s story was overshadowed by TakeOffs. “Sad we barely hearing about her she matters too! Wait, because she is not famous, so sad prayers for her 🙌.”

Another person said, “Oh wowwwwww, so yall just now letting us know this woman was fighting for her life smdh, her life matters to 😩.” Others were upset at her situation was being reported as “non-threatening.” “Wow, the media made it seem as if she had minor injuries but [was struck in] the head is no joke! So glad she’s recovering ❤️‍🩹”

The third person struck during the incident has yet to come forward, and little is known about him.

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