SWV’s Lelee and Xscapes Tiny Going Back and Forth Online

The ladies of SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B are giving fans exactly what they wanted. All season the divas have been beefing both on our screens and on social media. While a lot of the issues seemed to stem from the ladies of Xscape, it seems quieter members Tiny and Lelee have stepped into the ring now as well.

While SWV was the bigger group in their prime, the power of reality television and Kandi and Tiny’s songwriting careers have made Xscape the bigger earners in modern times. Despite this, there is still a lot of discourse over who has more fans, who have been more successful, and who should get the headlining spot on tour.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris took to Twitter to remind fans that while Xscape has not sold “30 million records,” they have been “blessed to expand their market.” She followed this up with, “do ya’ll know how much money is being made on social media these days, or am I tripping?”

Lelee clapped back, saying that both their groups are “dope in their own right.” She also took a dig at the ladies of Xscape and their body augmentations, responding, “all that plastic surgery won’t matter” when fans stop caring about them. Lelee also claims neither group has ever headlined an arena tour by themselves.

Zonnique got the last dig and jumped in to defend her mother, tweeting, “Xscape headlined a sold-out tour before ‘the mess,'” later adding “in arenas.” Lelee seems to think Xscape fans only show up for the drama, however. Who do you think won this round?

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