Supa Cent Buys Her New Fiancé Land, Nearly Two Years After Ending Engagement With Father Of Her Daughter – See Land

Beauty Mogul Supa Cent is newly engaged and showing off her love for her fiancé man by gifting him his own land. Let’s take a look back at the social media star’s (born Raynell Steward) dating history and cover her recent proposal. 

Supa Cent’s Relationship with the Father of Her Child

Supa Cent was previously engaged to Lou. The pair were very public together and took us on the wild journey of the day they welcomed their daughter Leà Mae on social media. That same day, Supa cemented her boss status by signing contracts for her new warehouse while giving birth. Supa Cent and Lou seemed to be very happy and in love raising their two kids. Supa Cent also has an older son from a previous relationship.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Lou took to social media to accuse Supa Cent of not letting him see their daughter. He claims that Supa Cent made people believe that he’d been unfaithful for years, something he denied. Lou also alleged that Supa Cent might be dating someone else and too busy for their daughter. Lou threatened to take her to court for custody if she continued to deny him visitation. 

Supa Cent clapped back, stating that she does not have these issues with her first baby father and pervious fiancé and that Lou was the one in the wrong. She also did not like him alluding to her not having time for their daughter and posted screenshots from text messages where she and Lou went back and forth about Leá. 

The two separated shortly after this amidst allegations of cheating and substance abuse. Lou eventually admitted to having an addiction and reportedly tried to hook up with an underage girl. He pledged to go to rehab shortly after that.  

Supa Cent’s Short-Lived Relationship With Sage The Gemini

Following her split from Lou, Supa Cent spent some time alone before officially moving on with a mystery man. In a social media post, she told fans that her new relationship was completely about her and in no way meant to make her ex jealous. “I’m not about to waste one man’s time to make another one jealous. I’m too old for that,” she said in a post followed by pictures of her kissing the new guy. 

That relationship was short-lived because only a few months later, she began dating “Gas Pedal” hitmaker Sage The Gemini. The two apparently knew each other for over 11 years before becoming an item. Fans of Supa Cent were not too pleased, considering Sage very publicly revealed that he only dated his ex, Jordin Sparks, for money and publicity. However, Sage was not making the same mistake this time and told The Shade Room, “me and Nell are together, and I intend to keep it that way.” Supa also clapped back at fans and let them know that she was not worried about his intentions and that it is her business who she shares her bedroom with. 

Nearly two months later, the pair broke up, with Sage posting “Single” on his IG story. He also shared a post of him getting cozy with Supa Cent’s friend Tokyo Vanity. Both Tokyo and Supa Cent took to social media to call out Sage for insinuating that he was dating Tokyo, with Supa even threatening to “wake the whole city up” and slap him. 

Supa Cent and Her Most Recent Boyfriend Are Now Engaged

Supa Cent has now officially moved on with her fiancé, and fellow business person, Rayzor. The two have been together one year and took to instagram to show off their engagement this past week. They celebrated their anniversary with a handful of fun activities before Rayzor surprised her with a romantic proposal. She walked into a room full of her friends, a camera crew, and a giant sign saying “Marry Me.” You could see two singers and a guitarist in the background, while white rose petals formed a heart in the middle of the floor. An emotional Supa Cent jumped up and down in disbelief and joy before saying yes. 

Cent had her own plans in mind for their one-year anniversary. Unbeknownst to her fiancé, Supa Cent had purchased him a plot of land. In a video posted to his IG, you can see him signing the papers and showing off the blueprint for their new home. In the caption, he admits to being so busy planning their proposal he did not realize Cent had been working on her own surprise for him. “Bae brought me land and had an on-site closing!” he said, thanking her and proclaiming his love for his lady. 

How Fans Feel About Supa Cent’s Gifting New Fiancé Land

Fans are torn on the idea of Supa Cent purchasing her fiancé land, but extremely happy for beauty mogul. One woman labeled the beauty mogul “If doin too much for these mens was a person” while another stated, “Hell to the naw naw naw.” Rapper The Game was all in support of Supa Cent purchasing land for her fiancé stating, “Everything isn’t about traditional government all in ya business & affairs marriage. Some people still use LOVE as the driving force in their relationship.” Comedian DC Young Fly took women to take notes from Supa Cent.

Six months prior to the engagement and purchasing of the land, Rayzor purchased property of his own and added Supa Cent to the title.

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