Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Has Accused The Talk Show Host Of Many Things Throughout The Years Following Their Divorce

Steve Harvey is a happily married man these days. His successful union with Majorie Harvey comes off the back of two failed marriages. While he’s found his forever and even written a few books about it, the women from his past found some discrepancies in his happily ever after. Let’s take a look at what his ex-wife has to say about their union and how he might still be married to her.

Steve Harvey was married in 1981 to Marcia Harvey. The pair divorced in 1994 and share three children; Broderick Harvey Jr, Brandi Harvey, and Karli Harvey. They married right before his big break and eventually split once things took off for him. Marcia complained that Steve was never home. Marcia went on to become a published author and mostly stays out of the spotlight these days.

Steve’s second wife is Mary Lee Harvey. Wed during the initial height of his career, Mary lee apparently got the worst of Steve. The busy comedian and television personality is said to have already been living with Mary Lee by the time his divorce from Marcia was finalized. Steve and Mary Lee share one child, Wynton Harvey. When their relationship ended in 2005, many people were shocked because the couple seemed so solid. Steve told Jet magazine that the divorce was amicable. “It was nothing volatile, or about anybody else involved, or anything like that. We’re still friends and all, and I still love her.”

Mary Lee Harvey disagreed and revealed that she was the victim of extreme infidelity on Steve’s part. She claimed that Majorie was one of the women Steve had cheated on her with. Mary Lee posted videos to Youtube accusing Harvey of being unfaithful and destroying her life. However, court documents revealed that she had received three homes, $40k a month, and an additional $1.5 million in their settlement.

She also accused Steve of taking their son. However, it was later confirmed that she sent the boy to Steve without his knowledge. Despite all of this, Mary went viral in 2017 for alleging that Steve owed her $50 million dollars. In addition, she accused him of violating her civil rights by “falsi­fying documents, perjury, contempt of court, embezzlement, extortion, and collusion.” She said, “For what he’s done to me, I want to see Steve Harvey behind bars!”

Mary also believed their divorce was invalid due to them not properly splitting up their “community assets” and she was still married to Steve Harvey despite him marrying wife, Marjorie Harvey. She told news outlets, “The judge said our divorce would be contingent upon the division of community assets, but that never happened.”

Mary concluded that by this logic, Harvey is still married to her while also being married to Majorie. Mary claims that she found evidence of Steve’s cheating in their 2nd year together but remained with him 16 years. One site reported that Mary was broken and bitter about it all and had decided to make herself a victim.

“She has genuinely made herself a victim of Steve and Marjorie Harvey. Her entire identity has become a victim,” they said.

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