Steve Harvey Is In No Rush To Give His Four Daughters Away For Marriage

Steve Harvey’s keeping a tight grip on his daughters. A father’s love for their daughters is a real one, and Steve Harvey knows this all too well. The legendary comedian is a father of four women. One of his daughters, Lori Harvey, has been dating actor Michael B. Jordan for over a year, and by the looks of things, it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The saying goes, “first comes love, then comes marriage,” but Steve Harvey doesn’t seem to want to let that happen. At least, not anytime soon.

Lori Harvey and Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan went public with their romantic affair in January 2021. Steve Harvey has been vocal about their relationship and spoken on his thoughts of Michael B. Jordan. Harvey often praises the actor for being a genuine and sincere individual. In addition, he seems to approve of Jordan dating his stepdaughter. However, the Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man author is equally uncomfortable with instances of their public displays of affection.

Recently, Steve Harvey visited Today With Hoda and Jenna. He was asked a question many fathers aren’t ready to ask of their daughters. The hosts invited the comedian to engage in a game of “Sip or Spill,” where they begged to know whether or not he would approve if Michael B. Jordan asked for Lori Harvey’s hand in marriage.

A pregnant pause occurred following the question, along with a deep sigh from Steve Harvey. Next, the hosts laugh as he thinks further about his response. Finally, admitting that the question was a “hard one” to ponder, the Family Feud host revealed that he’s “already given away two daughters” out of the four he has.  While answering Steve Harvey switched from yes to no, before finally taking a drink.

Most people know of one of Steve Harvey’s daughters, Lori Harvey. The model and social media influencer has a chokehold on the vast majority. She’s also dated or has been rumored to date many high-profile names, including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Justin Combs, Trey Songz, and Future.

As for his three other daughters, Steve Harvey is indeed blessed and just as overprotective. His eldest stepdaughter is Morgan Harvey Hawthorne, whose mother is Harvey’s current wife, Marjorie Harvey. Morgan Hawthorne is a successful pastry chef who Steve Harvey has often highlighted on his daytime talk show. She is also the creator of the “I Need Sum Mo” brand that shares various home-cooked meal and cocktail recipes.

Steve Harvey also has twin daughters, Brandi and Karli Harvey, that he shares with his first wife, Marcia Harvey. Brandi Harvey is also highly successful and founded the fitness platform “Beyond Her” and is reported to have a net worth of $5 million. She also helps run her parents’ foundation, serving as the Executive Director. Brandi Harvey is also the author of “Breakthrough Sold Separately Get Out Of The Boat Of Mediocrity And Walk On Water.”  

Brandi’s twin, Karli Harvey Raymond, is also successful in her own right as she is a hairstylist and also works for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation. Reports claim that Karli is worth around $20 million. Steve Harvey noticeably has a hard time giving his daughters away in marriage, but he has already done so twice. Karli Raymond is married to entrepreneur and business coach Benjamin Raymond. The couple exchanged vows in September of 2015, and Steve Harvey shared a portion of their wedding day on his talk show.

Morgan Hawthorne and her husband, Kareem Hawthorne – also known as DJ Bruckup, exchanged vows in October 2013. In 2016, Bossip reported that her husband and his T-12 entertainment company allegedly scammed Morehouse and Spelman alumni out of upwards of $300k for their homecoming alumni.

Steve Harvey may not have to worry about Lori Harvey marrying Michael B. Jordan right now, but the two are definitely in love. Michael B. Jordan has gushed over his feelings for his girlfriend in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, Steve Harvey recently told PEOPLE that this is the “first time” that he’s happy with her daughter’s relationship.

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