How Does Steve Harvey’s Four Biological Children Feel About His Relationship With Step Daughter, Lori Harvey?

Steve Harvey is a powerful television mogul with a beautiful family his empire supports. Adopted daughter Lori Harvey is the shining star of the family, becoming a powerful socialite and headline fixture for her good looks and dating history. It appears Steve is just as smitten with her as the rest of the world, as his other children have complained about her taking up all of his attention. Is Lori the star of the family as well?

Steve Harvey has seven children in total across three marriages. The 64-year-old comedian was married to Marcia Harvey from 1981 to 1994. They shared three children in total. Twins Brandi and Karli were born in 1982. Brandi is the founder of Beyond Her, a fitness, health, and lifestyle website geared toward women. She is the chief change maker and executive director of The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which specializes in outreach. She is an author and podcaster as well. Karli also works with her father and stepmother’s organization and frequently does public speaking and mentoring.

She hosts an Instagram Live series with her sister called Twin Talk, and is married to Ben Raymond. They have a son named Ben Raymond Jr. Brandi, and Karli’s mother went on to become an author following her divorce from Steve Harvey. Their son Broderick Harvey Jr runs a fashion line called Need Money Not Friends. He also runs a photography studio called B. Harvey Photography Inc and works with his family’s organization. Broderick has been honest about his father’s lack of involvement in his life, only really connecting with him when he was 16 years old. At that time, he moved with his father full-time.

From 1996 to 2005, Steve Harvey was married to a woman named Mary Lee Harvey. The two had a pretty rough marriage, with rumors of Steve cheating on her profusely. They shared one child together, Wynton Harvey. He is a photographer like his brother Broderick and works in the digital art space selling custom pieces. Following Steve’s divorce from Mary Lee, the TV host went on to marry Marjorie Harvey in 2007. The couple has now been married over 15 years. In addition to marrying Marjorie, Steve also inherited her three children.

Marjorie’s eldest daughter Morgan, who is a pastry chef and entrepreneur; Jason, the founder of luxury women’s footwear company Yevrah; and of course, model and socialite Lori Harvey. Lori got her start in modeling as a teen but quickly shifted her focus to being a full-time influencer. She hangs with some of the biggest female artists on the planet while dating some of the most popular men in entertainment. Out of all the Steve Harvey’s children, Lori has become the most well-known.

Steve frequently celebrates Lori for her independence and chimes in on the men she’s dating, opening up about his thought on her most recent long-term boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. Apparently, the family all agrees that Lori takes up too much of Steve’s time because she is the most famous. This has been causing issues amongst all of his children, and Steve has apparently not been having the best luck dealing with it all. “His way of handling it has been to throw money at them, buy them gifts, or just go into another room to chomp on a cigar, but it’s not working.”

The insider claims everyone is driving him crazy, and his exes keep bumping heads with his current wife.

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