Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ Wife, Allison Holker Seeking Access To Late Husband’s Estate

Television personality tWitch left his adoring family and fans right before the end of 2022 with a big hole in their hearts and many unanswered questions. While his wife begins to pick up the pieces of his final moments and regroup for their family, she is now faced with the task of sorting through his finances because tWitch left no will.

The beloved dancer, DJ, actor, and television host was the poster boy for joy while the Ellen Degeneres Show was on the air. He was often seen off to the side smiling and dancing much to the crowd’s enjoyment. He carried this same energy over into his social media content which frequently featured him and his family dancing and doing challenges. He had participated in one challenge days before his passing, dancing with his wife after celebrating their wedding anniversary.

tWitch left his home the day before his passing without issues. His wife noted he had left his car, which was unusual. He would be found the next day at a nearby hotel with a fatal gunshot wound. Many could not understand what would make such a joyous man harm himself. Immediately people began to wonder if he and his family were facing financial issues. The Ellen Show ended in a ton of controversy. tWitch got some major blowback for supporting his friend and boss through allegations of abuse and toxic workplace etiquette.

Publicly he acknowledged that he knew what was going on but could not speak on it much. Todrick Hall recently speculated that tWitch was under a lot of pressure from people demanding he distances himself from Ellen. Judge Joe Brown took it a step further and assumed that simply working with Ellen would be enough to drive anyone to harm themselves. Columbus Short said that he was aware of some bad investments that might have driven tWitch over the edge.

On paper, the Boss family seemed to be doing ok. tWitch and his wife had just starred in the Disney+ holiday film The Hip-Hop Nutcracker. He was also set to reprise his role in the Magic Mike franchise while he and his wife had a number of television projects lined up. tWitch and Allison Holker had two home improvement shows lined up with HGTV and also had a clothing line with Dick’s Sporting Goods. tWitch was also a rotating judge on So You Think You Can Dance and host of Dirty Dancing.

Allison Holker is currently trying to make sense of it all and figure out what to do without her husband, especially since it’s been revealed that he did not leave a will. Reports state, “Boss died without a will, forcing Holker to file a California Spousal Property Petition in Los Angeles.” They also clarify that this is normal for people who do not leave a will. “This is a routine procedure in which the surviving spouse has to file a petition to prove that they are the spouse of the person who died.” The Blast finds it interesting the Boss did not have a will considering he took his own life. The media outlet stated, “It’s interesting considering he took his own life, and it appears it might not have been a planned event.”

Known assets tWitch left behind includes “half of Stephen Boss Productions and Goldman Sachs investment account, as well as royalties from Cast and Crew Production Services; Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.; GEP Talent Services, LLC; and SAG/AFTRA,” per the court filing.

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