Social Media Torn After Discovering Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles Is Open 24 Hours Following PnB Rock’s Passing

PnB Rock’s passing at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles has left many people shaken in the last 24hrs. The Philadelphia-born rapper is believed to have been targeted by some men looking to steal his jewelry. While some believe he was targeted by local guys who saw him walking into the restaurant, others think his baby’s mother posting their location on social media is to blame. Videos of the incident made the rounds online, and Roscoe understandably shut down immediately . Today they are back open, much to the confusion of fans wondering how they were able to accept patrons so quickly.

TMZ posted an image of the restaurant saying, “Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles finds itself in a tough spot 24 hours after PnB Rock’s [passing].” Over on their site, they spoke with Tamika Mallory, who explained that economics and poverty are to blame for PnB’s attack and for Roscoe’s not even being able to remain closed following his passing. Tamika says that too many people are at risk of homelessness right now, and money woes are causing many to go to great extremes. Especially in the city of Los Angeles, where the cost of living as at an all-time high.

The owners of Roscoe’s echoed this, as they could not even afford to of remained closed today following what happened to PnB Rock. While many of the employees who were present during the incident got the day off, it’s business as usual today at Roscoe. Images show that most of the store is empty with just employees cleaning plates and awaiting patrons. “Anyone who sits down in there to eat after a man just passed or the place was attempted to get robbed should be ashamed,” said one person online.

Under TMZ’s post, many understood that the store had to continue to operate and were sympathetic to them. “It was an unfortunate event but people still got bills to pay,” said one person. Another said, “Why wouldn’t they? RIP, but the show and business must go on. Not to mention that’s a business decision to capitalize on PNB passing. Staying open was a deliberate strategy for the amount of people that will flock to that location.”

Many people tried to educate the masses on the area and how dangerous it is stating the incident was a “typical Monday.” One person even pointed out that had it not been a celebrity, the incident would not have even made the press. Los Angeles natives understand just how expensive the city is thanks to high taxes, high housing demand, and strict housing laws. Many have fled the city because of rising rent causes, and like Tamika Mallory pointed out to TMZ, this is the perfect storm for people and businesses to get desperate. This could be a reason for why PnB was targeted by some people who needed the money.

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