Social Media Reacts To Jonathan Majors Being Tapped To Portray Dennis Rodman In Upcoming Project

Jonathan Majors is quickly eclipsing his Creed III co-star Michael B. Jordan as one of the most desired men on the planet. The actor has been flaunting his phenomenal talent and body for fans and has already scored two number-one movies this year. During his promo run, Majors has gotten some pushback from the public for some promotional shoots deemed “too soft” for a man like him. Majors is looking to give them the ultimate F-U by stepping into Dennis Rodman’s famous shoes for an upcoming film.

Jonathan Majors is an incredible actor. His most recent works, Creed III and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, have seen him play two menacing villains. As Kang The Koncurer, he is looking to take on the Avengers for the next few years as the franchise’s main antagonist. As Damian “Diamond Dame” Anderson, he gives Adonis Creed a run for his money in the Rocky spinoff.

To offset his brooding roles, Majors has opted to take a softer approach in his photoshoots for promotion. He and Michael B. Jordan have grown super close during the filming and promotion of Creed III, and the two men have not been shy to show each other affection whenever they can. This has included them frequently hugging each other, posing closely, and complementing each other. One particular shoot went viral of the men cheek to cheek.

“So we’re acting like it’s normal for two grown men to sit side forehead, to side forehead like they taking awkward 90s couples pics?? What the hell?” said one person. A solo shoot for Majors saw him sporting pink and red outfits and high heel boots. He rocked an oversized fur coat for one and appeared like an anime character. Again, fans did not like this and felt that Majors was pushing some type of agenda.

Majors is unfazed and is gearing up to play the poster child for alternative men Dennis Rodman. Jonathan Majors says he has been trying to get the script right and feels that he wants to put no ceiling on his role. “Im excited about it,” he told the press.

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