Social Media Reacts To Damson Idris And Chloe Bailey’s Love Scene In The New Series, “The Swarm”

Chloe Bailey is living up to her sex symbol status. The “Have Mercy” hitmaker has gotten some flack over the years for her image. She has no plans on shying away from this and just participated in a pretty raunchy scene with Snowfall star Damson Idris. The moment has already gone viral and has everyone talking.

Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris are both featured in the new series The Swarm. Billed as a psychological horror thriller, the television series is presented by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. The show follows a young woman named Dre, who is obsessed with a pop star. The show features cameos from Bailey and Idris as well as Paris Jackson and Billie Eilish. It came out today and has everyone on social media gasping for air (particularly Chloe and Damson’s intimate scene). The Swarm seems to be a loose reference to Beyonce and her fandom, The Bey Hive.

Chloe Bailey plays Dre’s sister Marissa Jackson while Damson plays her boyfriend, Khalid. In the scene making the rounds today, Dre peaks into a room while Bailey and Damson’s characters engage in a pretty graphic scene. The actors are skin-to-skin in the very realistic scene, which shows Chloe’s full backside. The singer can be heard yelling while Damson makes faces at her sister Dre. The move is not completely out of character for Chloe. Since her debut in Chloe x Halle, it was clear she was always more liberated with her image. As her sister continues to keep things kosher under the watchful eye of Disney thanks to her upcoming starring role in The Little Mermaid, big sister Chloe has leaned heavily into her appeal. This scene definitely takes things up a notch, and social media is talking.

“Not even 5 minutes in, and Chloe Bailey is getting dug out by Damson,” said one person. Many people are applauding Damson as he is now intimately connected to two of the most desired women in entertainment. “This [expletive] Damson Idris giving Chloe Bailey backshots for pretend. Just go home and give Lori Harvey back shots for real.” Most folks remember that they are actors playing a role and think Bailey should get more props for her work. “Chloe is a very good actress…waiting for the hate train to retire so we can start giving that girl her flowers because!”

Chloe opened up about reading the script and being so in love with the show and the character but then remembering, “you gotta do that [intimate] scene, girl.” Bailey says that despite being liberal with her body, she is actually very modest and has not been with many partners. “Damson made it really comfortable. There were limited people on set, it was a closed set.” As for the skin-to-skin, Bailey reveals that they had a bouncy ball in between them and laughed and joked in between takes. “We were making a joke out of it, so it took all the nervousness away.”

Initially, Chloe’s role was expected to go to actress Dominique Fishback who’s also in the film. After hearing the story about Dre, Fishback immediately had her agents she wanted the role. However, Donald Glover convinced her to play the role of Marissa because she “needed to have a warm energy” and be “somebody that felt relatable and lovable and popular.” Chloe on the other hand connected to Dre and Marissa’s sisterhood because it reminded her of her relationship with her sister, Halle Bailey.

Chloe says that as a man, Damson made her very comfortable, so she gave him a lot of props for making the scene easy to shoot.

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