Snoop Dogg Admits Telling Daughter She Was Horrible At Singing: “I Don’t Lie To My Kids, I Tell Them The Truth

Snoop Dogg is one of many high-profile dads whose children have followed in their footsteps. The father of four has three boys and one girl. They have all ventured off into different mediums, with Cori going into singing. Snoop kept it very real with his daughter and let her know what he thought of her voice early on.

Cori Brodus is an R&B vocalist who releases music under the name Choc. She has 632k followers on social media who have helped her amass a couple thousand streams on Spotify. Unfortunately, it’s not the same type of success that other famous offsprings like Willow Smith, Paris Jackson, and Zoe Kravitz have had. Choc has been open about her struggles with personal image and weight and has opted to instead focus on her upcoming wedding to fiancé Wayne Duece and has not really promoted her music since October.

Her last music post was a promotional clip for her song “Wait,” with a live in-studio performance. The clip was captioned “CHOC takes the roof off the studio‼️😮 In the latest installment of Sessions, watch the LA native preach her immaculate voice with her track, ‘Wait.'”During a recent interview with Conan O’Brian, Snoop opened up about his thoughts on his daughter and her music. Conan reminded Snoop of the time Cori revealed she wanted to be a singer on the reality show Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood. In a resurfaced clip, he was pretty harsh with her. “She couldn’t sing; I told he she was horrible.”

Snoop says that his daughter is like him and used the critique to get better. He reveals she got vocals lessons and became stronger, and now she is “great at what she’s doing.” Snoop says he does not lie to his kids so that when they deal with the real world, they are prepared.

“I tell them the truth so that way it won’t be a rude awakening.” This advice has obviously worked for them all as they seem to all be continuing to pursue their passions. Cordell is a model, and Corde has pursued acting and music. Julian seems to also be involved in music and acting.

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