Six Times D.L. Hughley Has Called Out Kanye West For Being Kanye West

Kanye West is an anomaly when it comes to the court of public opinion. While many do not champion his antics, enough people do that he’s able to continue selling music, concert tickets, and whatever else he puts his name on. One person who never seems afraid to speak out against West is stand-up comic and television host D.L. Hughley. The comedian has a history of letting Kanye West know he is not as invincible as his fans try to make him seem. Now D.L. Hughley is speaking on Kanye West divorce.

Kanye West was an early supporter of Donald Trump before opting to run for president against him. Kanye would appear at rallies and even took meetings with Donald while modeling his MAGA hat. D.L. Hughley had a lot to say about Kanye West and Donald, calling them both narcissists who cannot read. He said they both craved attention and jokes that he’d seen both their wives cloth-less. D.L. Hughley could not understand how Kanye West was such a big supporter of Trump and not Obama, who, like West, was from Chicago.

This is not the first time he took a dig at Kanye. D.L. Hughley went on record calling West “the worst kind of human being” in an interview with Vlad TV. The comedian argued that Kanye West uses his mental illness as an excuse to spread his hatred for black women. D.L. Hughley believes Kanye is not as unstable as he wants us to believe because he still manages to sign multi-million dollar deals with Gap and other companies. Hughley thinks it’s all an act to sell albums. He took particular offense at West’s claims that Harriet Tubman did not free slaves in her lifetime and felt that no other race would let someone say something so wrong. “Let me tell you something; if you said anything like that about any other group of people, you would be castigated.”

During a separate interview with FanRoom Live, Hughley doubled down on these feelings and opened up even further about his thoughts on West’s illness and disdain towards people of color. He feels West only speaks about people he thinks he can get away with badmouthing. He also took issue with Kanye selling clothes that look like they belong to homeless people for hundreds of dollars. He argues that instead of praying for someone like Kanye, who can clearly help themselves, we should rather pray for the homeless that he is mocking and not helping.

While he does not like any of it, DL was sure to say that he hoped Kanye West found help and that he would eventually use his power to help people and stop being so divisive. DL joined many in feeling that West’s 2020 bid for president was really just a distraction to pull votes away from Biden and help Trump secure a second term.

On paper, West has been leaning into the American values pretty heavily. He was a happily married father of four for a while, ran several successful businesses, and was very open about his love for Jesus. West shifted the entire focus of his music towards Christianity and faith. While some saw this as a sign of good, D.L. Hughley argued that West was morally bankrupt. He feels Kanye West turned to God as a way to help push his music when album sales began to diminish. He went on to express his concern over the people surrounding Kanye, believing that he has more enablers than handlers and really needs some guidance.

D.L. Hughley has also taken issue with Kanye West’s now ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The reality star has become the face of prison reform in an effort to bring awareness to the countless amount of people behind bars for no reason. D.L. Hughley argues that she is instead pulling the spotlight away from others, mainly African American lawmakers, who have been doing similar work for years without recognition.

Now that the pair has filed for divorce and Kim is dating Pete Davidson, DL stopped by Vlad TV again to express his opinion on West and his current madness. Kanye West has been publicly taunting Kim Kardashian and Pete and recently dropped any animated video where he can be seen decapitating a figure that looks like Pete Davidson.

D.L. Hughley and Vlad predict that West will soon be hit with a restraining order. The comedian sympathizes with him slightly for wanting to avoid divorce and get his family back together but says if a woman has moved on after four kids, she’s clearly had enough. He feels there is no sense of privacy anymore and that a lot of what is being made public should not be for the world to see. He feels like if Kanye were a regular person, people would never think this was funny or cool or ok. The comedian also insist if Kim Kardashian was his daughter he would do something about it. Do you think D.L. Hughley is right about Kanye West going too far in divorce battle with Kim Kardashian?

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