Six Of The Most Outrageous Things Michael Blackson Has Revealed About His Relationship

Comedian Michael Blackson says that he and his girl Rada have had a genuine understanding from the beginning about their “open relationship.” Rada allows him “one side-chick” a month.

Michael Blackson Has Never Been Faithful To A Women

While talking to Shannon Sharpe recently, Michael reveals that he has never been faithful to a woman. “My whole life, I’ve never been faithful,” he said on Club Shay Shay. Blackson says he’s lied so much in the past that he’s not sure what the truth is sometimes. Michael says this has a lot to do with having money and tells those watching that “broke men can’t do this.” He reasons that women will put up with a lot from a man if her bills are paid. He echoes this sentiments yet again with Raquel, and makes it clear that his status as a successful comedian has “earned him the right” to other women.

Michael Blackson Gave His Wife A Ring To Certify She’s The Queen

In order to make Rada feel more secure, Michael Blackson says he presented her with a ring as a way to show her she is the one. For Raquel, the next question was, “do you really consider yourself engaged if you’re rotating six girls a month?” Michael proclaims that he was actually way worst before and that six women is him compromising. He blames his appetite for women on him being African. 

Raquel asks, “So the engagement is more so that she can feel like she’s special?” Michael confirms this and says that the other women know Rada is his queen. “As men, it’s our biggest problem. Infidelity. It’s probably like 10% of men that are faithful. I’m just being an honest cheater.” 

While discussing their union with Raquel Harper on her podcast, “It’s Tricky,” Mike says that he learned before Rada that if he was honest, he could get more out of his partner. As a result, he keep it a buck and let Rada know that he was entertaining several other women when they began dating. Michael says that as their relationship got more serious, Rada began to request certain boundaries, like that he no longer spend time with other women alone and that he have no “regulars.”

Michael Blackson’s Wife Enjoys Watching Him With Other Women

In other interviews, Rada has confirmed that she does actually enjoy sharing their bedroom with other women. During a discussion with The Shade Room, Rada says that she understands how long-term relationships can get monotonous and boring sexually. As a result, she feels she benefits as well from mixing things up. However, when asked if Michael would allow her another man, Blackson cut her off and let the interviewer know that Rada does not need another man and prefers women when they share their bedroom. 

While talking with Raquel, Michael reiterates this and confirms that this is an arrangement that works for both him and Rada. He says that Rada enjoys his stories and gets her rocks off from hearing about his other women. “Intimacy is better for us after I’m with other women,” he believes, and says Rada finds him to be more intimate after he’s been with another partner.

Michael Blackson Will Require Fiancee To Have Kids In West Africa If She Wants Them

Michael is open to having more children but prefers any future kids born in West Africa. He believes that children in Africa are raised with different morals and are more respectful. Michael has some children born in America and says that this country and its culture have made them disrespectful and ungrateful. He does not reveal any immediate plans for more kids but definitely does not want to have them here in the states.

Michael Blackson Doesn’t Like Groupies

Michael reveals that while he prefers his “other women” to be someone he’s built a connection with, Rada wishes they would be less connected and more “no strings attached.” Michael says that Rada prefers he sleep with groupies and keep it moving. “Get it over with, and don’t call her again,” he recalls her telling him. “That’s our biggest argument till today,” he elaborates. Michael says he’s taking more risks with groupies because they could give him STIs, rob him, take his life, or try to extort him with pictures and evidence. “I prefer spending my once a month with women I’m familiar with.” Rada’s concern is that Michael might get too intimate and start “dating” these women or be seen outside with them. 

Michael Blackson Feeds His Women When He’s Done

Michael Blackson says he is not a fan of the one and done. He prefers someone he has a bond with because he likes to take care of women. Michael says he cannot just treat women like a piece of meat. “Can I at least feed [them]?” he says. Michael says that disagreements like this have resulted in them pushing their wedding back because Rada is still not 100% on board with the arrangement as is and has reservations about Michael treating his side women too well.

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