Sidney Starr Wants To Be Addressed As ‘Ms. Winslow’ Call Me Sidney Winslow

Reality television personality and social media staple Sidney Starr is still milking the rumors that she was dating Darius McCrary. The pair posed it up for a series of snaps that had everyone thinking they were together. While they have since dispelled these rumors, she is not done stoking the flames of speculation. In a recent interview, she asked to be called Mrs. Winslow. 

Darius and Sidney took a handful of pictures that she later admitted were to stir up some press and controversy. Posted in October 2021, Sydney captioned one of the snaps, “Here standing next to me is a seasoned legend Actor in this entertainment industry. @dariusmccrary . A black heterosexual male actor who’s standing aside a controversial transgender woman like myself.” In another post, a video this time, she said, “We both are just built special!!!!! 2 hard-working celebrities in the industry!!!!!!! Eddie Winslow, we love you!!!! @dariusmccrary ! We hear y’all talking!!!” 

The post garnered a handful of different comments from fans. Many were shocked that the duo would pose so provocatively and appeared to be a couple. “Darius be honest please omg how can u still not own it after everyone has seen this flirtatious video,” said one person. “Definitely dating unless business,” said another.  In an IG live, Darius dispelled the rumors that he and Sydney were an item. He said that while they are not a couple, people cannot tell him who he can and cannot be friends with.

Darius was out to lunch with his television mother, Jo Marie Payton, as he criticized people for worrying about his dating life while he was out trying to “save the world.” he also revealed that he was engaged at the time. “You’re going to tell me who I can’t be friends with, who I can’t hang out with? I mean, I’m a grown man. I’m five years from 50.”

Sydney caught wind of this at the time and posted another BTS clip from the shoot showing Darius being handsy and grabbing her waist and butt. He also kissed her. She captioned it, “We couldn’t even do this shoot because he got so sloppy drunk on set and embarrassed us… he drunk all the photographer’s liquor up.” Around the time of this, it was also rumored that Darius was dating another trans-woman, famous Beyonce impersonator Riley Knox. 

Two years removed from the photoshoot mess, Sydney has decided to reveal new details about her relationship with Darius. While doing a set of interviews with fellow trans social media personality TS Madison, Sydney asked to be addressed as Mrs. Winslow. While she laughed it off, she would go on to maintain that they were good friends and that she could call him. She admits that they just wanted to make everyone talk with their viral photos. 

Darius is reportedly engaged to Rick James’ ex-wife Tanya James. He recently reported some issues with Tanya, alluding to her being on drugs and trying to harm him and his dog. Sydney is not currently linked to anyone else but has been starring in the Zeuz series Baddies South. 

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