Should Women Dress A Certain Way After 40?

What is too sexy? And is there a time when one can no longer feel it or dress it? Women are frequently told how they should carry themselves in the world, especially in a social media world. For women in pop culture, the pressure is even worst. Those who are getting older are often encouraged to tone it down. Janet Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, and more get criticized for ‘feeling themselves’ despite being older. R&B singer Avant recently chimed in on this, asking this very question on his IG story.

Avant shared an image of a beautiful and full-figured woman in a form-fitting dress with a pose in his post. “Should women still dress sexy after 40?” he asked his fans. People immediately began roasting him in the comments and reprimanding him for trying to police women’s bodies. “Should men shave their beards after 40? at least us ladies look the way we look dressed sexy or not. So how bout them beards when they gone? ” said one person. Another said, “Why does men care so much about women & what we do & how we do it & for how long it’s being done wtffff.”

Others were confused by the picture he used. The woman in the photo was Lira Mercer, a 28-year-old social media model, and Pierre “Pee” Thomas baby mother. “Lira, not 40” said one fan. Avant was quick to defend himself, saying, “To be clear, I DEFINITELY think women in their 40’s should dress sexy! Sup ladies #InboxMe”

Avant is the latest to question women’s ability to look and dress how they want. Nicki Minaj recently took to her Twitter to let her female fans know that they should never dress up for a man and should always focus on what makes them happy. “Women don’t DRESS FOR YOU, DO MAKEUP FOR YOU, DO THEIR HAIR FOR YOU, the rapper shared. “THIS ALL FOR US. This ain’t ABOUT YOU. Now GO,” she tweeted.

Rihanna has recently gotten a lot of flack in the media by people trying to police her appearance. The superstar is currently pregnant and enjoying her pregnancy by experimenting with fashion, including crop tops, mesh clothes, and form-fitting outfits. “I’m actually really gonna need people to use the Rihanna situation to stop policing ANY pregnant woman from here on forth. It’s still our bodies, and we still have autonomy,” said one person on Twitter. Another said, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Stop policing women’s bodies. And pregnancies. And relationships. And careers. And lives.”

Lil Durk is also in the media right now for expressing that he only got with his girlfriend India because she had a “low body count,” meaning she did not have a lot of partners before him. Many saw this as a form of shaming others and took to social media to express their disgust with him celebrating something so silly. “Lil Durk really got like seven kids, and most of them aren’t even by the same women, and for him to sit up and say he couldn’t wife a person who has a high body count is very ducking delusional at its finest.”

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