Scottie Pippen Coping With Ex-Wife Larsa Pippen Dating Michael Jordan’s Son By Ignoring It

Larsa Pippen’s dating life continues to live in the media. The former Mrs. Scottie Pippen has been enjoying her time on the market, hooking up with a who’s who of the hip-hop and sports world. Her latest beau is the most problematic due to his ties to the Chicago Bulls roster that made her ex-husband a star. How is Scottie dealing with Larsa dating Michael Jordan’s son?

Larsa Pippen has addressed the discourse about her new boyfriend. She had told fans that she did not know Marcus Jordan when he was a child and their families were not close. However, people still think it’s messed up for her to go after her husband’s team member’s son, especially considering some of the bad blood between Pippen and Jordan.

So how is Scottie handling this all? According to Larsa, they have never discussed it. While guesting on Watch What Happen’s Live last December, Larsa said that she and Scottie do not talk about her new friend, and the kids have never said anything about it either. “We’re friends,” she states. When Andy asks if it is with benefits, she smiles again and says, “we’re friends.” Marcus was seated in the audience smiling.

The pair have since gone IG official, proving that they are indeed more than friends. Marcus recently posted them doing a secret handshake that ends with the duo locking lips. “Twistin’ up my fingers for my twin🤝✨,” he said in the caption. One person commented, “Feel bad for Pippen kids.”

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