Saucy Santana’s Career Began Taking Off In 2019, and Now Fans Are Trying Cancel Him Over Old Tweets

Saucy Santana Career Began Taking Off In 2019

Justin Harris was born on October 8th, 1993, in Connecticut. Better known to the world as Saucy Santana, the bodacious rapper has used the power of social media to help him become a rising star in music. He got his start as a make-up artist for the hip-hop duo The City Girls and quickly began to pull attention due to his outrageous look and persona. He turned this into a recurring role on Love & Hip-Hop: Miami then took that a step further, releasing his own music. 2019 saw him make his debut with “Walk Em Like a Dog,” while 2021 and 2022 would bring viral success with the songs “Walk” and “Material Girl.” He is currently gearing up for his biggest single to date with a feature from Latto and a sample from an iconic pop diva. 

On Friday, Saucy Santana Released New Single Featuring Beyonce Sample

On Friday, Saucy Santana released his new single, “Booty.” The song features Latto and takes a page out of her book, sampling a big pop record from an iconic diva. While Latto made Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” into a modern hit with “Big Energy,” Saucy is looking to do the same, flipping the same sample used in Beyonce’s breakout hit “Crazy In Love.” The song’s signature horns used during Bey’s Uh-oh break are actually pulled from Chi-Lites’ “Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So).” “Booty” was produced by Johnny Goldstein, whose past credits include The Black Eyed Peas and Shakira. The song is currently sitting at over 200k streams and Spotify within its first two days. The cover art is an illustration featuring Latto and Saucy bearing their rears with their hands cupping each other’s booties. 

Fans Digging Up Old Tweets

Unfortunately for Saucy Santana, the internet is forever. So as soon as fans got word of his Beyonce sample, they began to recirculate old tweets where he came for the queen and her daughter Blue Ivy. In one tweet, he called Blue “Nappy Headed,” and in another, he called Bey “dry” after someone complimented her “pregnancy” glow. 

The mess is eerily similar to something that happens to his friends JT and Yung Miami. The pair, like Saucy, were once just music fans on social media being messy before fame. The girls took some digs at Queen of Hip-Hop Nicki Minaj that came back to bite them when they became big stars and started lobbying for a verse from their hero. Nicki has said in several interviews that she was deeply hurt by the things JT and Young Miami said online about her and could never see herself working with them. 

Saucy Santana Told To Apologize

Saucy has since addressed the mess, letting fans know that he was just “broke and miserable” at the time of those tweets. Fans have even helped him out, pulling Tweets where he spoke well of Beyonce and expressed his love for her. Either way, people are demanding an apology from him. One Houston DJ advised him that if he did not properly apologize before his set there this weekend, he could suffer the wrath of the Beyhive in her hometown. Saucy clapped back at the man, producer BeatKing saying, “Bruh, you dead a** just texted tryna get me to help you get a song w/ Caresha. That means you got my number. Don’t speak to me publicly w/ no bullshit tryna get a moment.” 

Do you think Saucy owes Bey a public apology? 

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