Samuel L. Jackson Reveals How He Remains Stress-Free

Samuel L. Jackson is a Hollywood icon. The actor is known for his roles in such film classics as Pulp Fiction, Jungle Fever, and The Avengers Franchise. Now well into his ’70s, Jackson is still one of the most in-demand actors in the world, and rightfully so. So how does he do it all and stay so stress-free? He revealed his secrets during a Breakfast Club interview. 

Samuel L. Jackson says the key to longevity, success, and peace of mind is to find a routine that works for him. Jackson says he likes to wake up relatively early whenever he can, especially when he is working on a film. He also loves to keep active, playing golf regularly. Samuel says that this helps keep him prepared so that when he is getting paid to get up early, it’s not so much of a shock for him. 

Samuel L. Jackson says that once a year, he takes a month off to recover from all his work. When it comes to how he stays looking so youthful, he says he just tries to stay stress-free. The Breakfast Club hosts wondered if maybe he was a vegan or something else that he is not telling them, but Jackson maintains he just tries to keep the stress away and live a normal balanced life. 

A significant component to his happiness is, of course, the money. While he admits that money cannot buy you happiness, he enjoys keeping enough money to do whatever he wants. “Money won’t solve all the problems, but it solves enough of them, so I won’t have to think about them.”  Money is certainly no issue for Jackson; long before he joined massive movie franchises like The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the second Star Wars Trilogy, he was already an A-list actor.

It was not always that way for Jackson. As Charlamagne points out, Jackson was born before the Civil Rights movement. Samuel L. Jackson grew up in a segregated America. “I knew where I could go, where I couldn’t go,” he remembers. He says that when he hears Make America Great Again, he laughs because he remembers how bad it was before and how America was never great. 

Samuel L. Jackson also thanks his community and the people around him growing up for keeping his heart from getting hardened from all the terrible things going on around him. He had people who validated him in his environment and he tried to lean into that as much as he could as a kid. He felt the teachers he had growing up really encouraged and poured into the youth because they wanted a better tomorrow for them. 

Jackson is showing no signs of slowing down in the coming years. Despite being a constant in the Marvel films since Iron Man, Jackson is finally set to star in his own Disney+ series Secret Invasion as well as the Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels. He’s also set to star and produce in an Apple TV series titled The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. He is also rumored to be starring across Superman star Henry Cavill in the spy action thriller Argylle due later this year. 

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