Samuel L. Jackson Don’t Care About Social Media Trolls Talking Crazy About Him

Samuel L. Jackson has taken on a lot of dynamic roles in his career, and one thing he seems to bring to most of his characters is his care-free attitude. Jackson is notoriously unfazed by everything including social media trolls. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, he talked about how he navigates the the world of social media and deals with fans and haters in his comments section. 

Samuel L. Jackson currently has 7.6 million followers on Instagram and 8.9 million on Twitter. His social media posts range from movie promotions to his Capital One adverts co-starring John Travolta. He shares photos of himself on set, on vacation, and shows off his impressive t-shirt collection, which includes a lot of shirts inspired by some of his most iconic roles, from Avenger’s Nick Fury to Pulp Fiction’s Jules Winnfield. More often than not, you’ll see a smiling the actor showing off what shirt he is wearing that day. 

In one hilariously social meda post, Samuel wore a shirt that featured a picture of him wearing a shirt with a picture of him. “All 3 of us feeling away about this six-day work week,” he said in the caption. He also modeled a Street Fighter-inspired T showing off a character select screen, but instead of Street Fighter’s roster is all characters Jackson played, including Mace Windu and the old man from Black Snake Moan.

Samuel L. Jackson’s carefree persona is ever-present in the things he shares online, something he attributes to not caring what people say to him on the medium. While discussing the filming of the Shaft sequel in Atlanta and Jackson revisiting the character in the modern world, Charlamagne shifted the conversation to social media and if that is anyway jarring for Jackson in real life. Samuel L. Jackson says he loves social media and manages his accounts himself. He says he enjoys posting and takes breaks when he needs to. 

When asked about trolls online and their comments, Jackson admits that while he reads everything, he does not respond. Typically he’ll just block someone first. He credits his daughter for helping him navigate his social media accounts and teaching him that everyone does not need a response. He used his signature sass to explain that people cannot hurt his feelings online because in his own words, “them M-fers don’t know me. “

His daughter is actually a television executive who works on the show RuPaul’s Drag Race. In one post, he celebrated her Emmy win for Oustanding Competition Program in 2021 by sharing a screenshot of the show credits and a picture of her. “This right here!!! When your kid’s a BOSS!!!#burstingwithpride❤️ #gotnothingbutloveforyababy” he said in the caption. He also frequently posts his wife LaTanya Richardson Jackson, who is also an accomplished actress with roles in Malcolm X, The Fighting Temptations, Losing Isaiah, and more.  According to social media tracking site Money Scotch, Sam’s most-liked post is a photo from his wedding to LaTanya. The pair married in 1980 after meeting in Atlanta while in College. 

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