Samuel L. Jackson 5 Tips For Successful Marriage After Nearly 43 Years

Samuel L. Jackson has done what not many prominent figures in Hollywood have done. Yes, Esquire has listed the legendary actor as the World’s Most Influential actor. And of course, Samuel L. Jackson is widely known as the highest-grossing actor of all time. With a resume that’s hard to compete with, it’s safe to say there is not much left that the actor hasn’t accomplished. But perhaps one of the most important achievements in Samuel L. Jackson’s life is his long-lasting marriage to his wife, LaTanya Richardson. The actor shares five tips that he thinks will provide for a successful marriage.

On August 18, 1980, Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson got married. The couple met when he was attending Morehouse College while she was at Spelman College. Together, they’ve stood the tests of time and continue to push through marriage and life’s many ups and downs.   This year, Samuel L. Jackson and his wife will celebrate 42 years of marriage. The acclaimed actor was a guest on The Breakfast Club, where he gave tips on having longevity in a marriage.  

According to Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, “some amnesia” is necessary for marriage from time to time. By this, the couple could mean that you must be able to forget hard or painful moments. Forgiveness is a must in any relationship or marriage. No partner is perfect, and either party could have a propensity to cause an issue, whether large or small, intentional or unintentional.  

Secondly, Samuel L. Jackson advises that couples should “understand that when you’re in a bad place, there’s a way to work it out.” For years it’s been said that couples should never go to bed angry and work through whatever issues. The Django Unchained actor stated that the more straightforward thing to do in harsh situations would be to “walk away.” However, in order to “create a strong relationship,” partners need to be able to “work through things.”

According to the actor, space is another aspect of a successful union, which many others can agree on. Samuel L. Jackson shared that the ability for either he or his wife to appear at a different location for work gives them room to work on their issues separately. In doing so, the actor says partners will be able to “breathe” and “look at” whatever is the source of the problem.

The actor then advises that couples must be able to apologize to one another, even if they don’t mean it. “Sometimes you just gotta say you’re sorry when you ain’t,” Samuel L. Jackson said. In addition, the actor says that along with saying sorry, one needs to “own it, and let it go.”

Finally, the Oscar-nominated actor expressed that just because you’re in Hollywood doesn’t make it easy to be unfaithful. Although there is a narrative that all entertainers cheat, Samuel L. Jackson sheds light that everyone, no matter their career, can be cheating. As it pertains to him, Samuel L. Jackson claims that it has been “easy” to remain faithful and credits him being an only child for doing so.  

“I’m comfortable with myself,” he said due to being an only child. “I like being alone, so I know how to entertain myself.” Samuel L. Jackson also shared that it was easier for him to be comfortable within himself when he became sober from his drug and alcohol addiction. With sobriety, the actor lacked the need for validation from “other things or substances.” Samuel L. Jackson also speaks on how much easier it is when a person realizes if they go through with an act of infidelity, there will be “more trouble than its worth.” “A moment of instant gratification is as valid as the relationships that I have [and] the history I’ve created with somebody,” said the actor.

In a separate interview with Essence, Samuel L. Jackson’s wife, Latanya Richardson, revealed her side of what it takes to keep the marriage afloat. Richardson told the magazine that “The Lord” must be held at the center of the couple’s union, as well as having a “big heart.” She explains that being a Hollywood couple comes with its share of challenges, so leaning on the Lord is a must because “men are different.”

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