Russell Wilson Coins The Phrase ‘Squared Up’ After Years Of Men Calling Him A Square

Russell Wilson just can’t seem to catch a break. Ever since marrying the love of his life, Ciara, he’s been criticized for being a “square.” Yet, despite all of the commentary surrounding Russell Wilson’s manhood, the couple continues to thrive and push through.

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship journey began in 2015. Following about a year of dating, it was announced that the couple was engaged to be married in March 2016. Four months after they got engaged, Russell Wilson and the Level Up” singer exchanged vows in an extravagant ceremony held at Cheshire, England’s Peckforton Castle. The couple wasted no time in expanding their family. Less than a year after getting married, Ciara gave birth to their first child together, named Sienna Princess Wilson. Then, on July 23, 2020, the couple was blessed with another child. This time, they had a son named Win Harrison Wilson.

Ciara has had nothing but exemplary things to share about her husband. During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, she shared her favorite thing about the Denver Broncos quarterback. “What I love is my husband’s heart and how he thinks of us.,” the entertainer said.  Along with her husband’s heart, Ciara expressed that the two share many of the same visions for their life and family. “It’s like when you know you know.” The Wilson’s never shy away from their love for one another, often sharing moments on their social media pages for fans to have an inside look.

Concurrently, Russell Wilson expressed that it is a “blast that we get to do love together” in a cover story with GQ. They also participated in a rapid-fire question segment for the magazine called “The Couples Quiz.” The question arose about ‘biggest fears,” to which the NFL star responded that his would be “losing” Ciara.

Ciara’s life could’ve gone a different way had her previous relationships lasted. For instance, in 2011, she was briefly romantically linked with former NBA player Amar’e Stoudemire. She also famously dated rapper Bow Wow. During their time together, the then-couple released the single “Like You,” which remains popular with fans.

Bow Wow wasn’t the only rapper that claimed Ciara as one of their lovers. The singer also dated 50 Cent, with whom she collaborated on the single “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone.” But after almost 3 years together, the couple split. Before her marriage to Russell Wilson, Ciara almost walked down the aisle before. The singer was in a highly publicized relationship with rapper Future in 2013, and the then-couple share a son together, Future Zahir Wilburn. It was Ciara’s first child.  But even though they got engaged, had a child together, and even shared a hit song – “Body Party,” it wasn’t enough to keep them together. Future and Ciara’s split would prove to be nothing short of turbulent as they would trade negative remarks about one another for the years to follow.

One thing is for sure, and that’s Ciara’s taste in men has vastly differed over the years. In comparison to many of her exes, Russell Wilson’s image is more of a clean-cut look and less of the “bad boy.”   Russell Wilson often speaks of his upbringing and the closeness he shares with his family. The footballer also holds his faith at the utmost importance. Whereas Future seems to glorify a different lifestyle. With one listen to the rapper’s music or watching his accompanying music videos, the difference is evident.

Russell Wilson Is Known As A Square To Many Black Men

Perhaps this is why many fans, males, in particular, have often stated that Russell Wilson is “corny” or “square.” For example, Houston rapper Slim Thug expressed in a past interview obtained by All About Laughs that he “didn’t believe” their relationship was authentic because of the differences in her husband’s character versus the singer’s previous relationships. In addition, he also stated his belief that Ciara was only with Russell Wilson for “financial stability.”

Another former NFL player-turned-podcaster, Channing Crowder, questioned Ciara’s decision to leave Future and choose a man like Russell Wilson as well. On an episode of The Pivot Podcast, Crowder labeled her husband a “f— square” and said that she wouldn’t be with him had it not been for Wilson’s financial status.

Russell Wilson Finally Responds To Being Called A Square

Russell Wilson appears to have caught wind of all the comments about him being a square. In a recent post to Instagram, the Broncos star can be seen surprising his wife, who appeared in a stunning white dress. “Stay squared up my friends,” he captured the adorable video of him offering his wife flowers.

In the comments, it looks like fans would prefer this type of man and behavior instead of what the critics say. One fan wrote, “Give me that (a) SQUARE😤 anyday 🔥 he’s lit.” Others agreed, sharing things like “squares for the win,” and “lame is the new cool.” “And she’s still excited to see him like it’s the first date. Y’all “men” gone miss out trying to be “cool.” Ain’t nothing square about showing the person you want, you love them,” another fan highlighted in his comment section. Finally, another stated they would take an “intentional, thoughtful man like Russell ❤️ I take it.”

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