Romeo Calls Out His Father Master P After He Shared A Tribute To Twitch

Many celebrities rushed in yesterday to pay their respects to television personality tWitch. The bubbly DJ had some unfortunate issues that got the best of him in the end. Too many people in the spotlight know the burden of a life cut short, like the Miller family. Master P had to recently say goodbye to a daughter who was dealing with her own issues. His son Romeo called him out yesterday for paying his respects to tWitch but ignoring the struggles of his own daughter.

Fans of Master P and his kids have been able to follow them over the years thanks to a series of projects centered around his son, rapper and actor Romeo Miller. Romeo and his pops would eventually star in Growing Up Hip-Hop, a reality show about industry families. A large part of their story line was them trying to get help for Tytyana. P’s daughter with former wife Sonya Miller, Tyty, took after her mother and struggled with drug addiction and abuse. She would eventually lose her fight this past June. She was only 29.

Master P immediately threw himself into work mode, teaming up with The National Alliance on Mental Illness and ARJ Cases to help create resources for other families struggling with someone on substances. The organizations specifically targeted black communities. He opened up about Tytyana’s loss with CBS Morning and expressed how sad he was about it all.

“Coming from poverty, you would think that you would outlive your kids, and that was the mission, I feel like, going to my daughter’s funeral. I feel like I went to my own funeral.” Because of his loss, he promised to do whatever he could to bring more awareness to people struggling. “I want to help people that look like us. We want to bring awareness to this. I’m going to get out here and save millions.”

Despite this, Romeo reveals that his father might be very different behind the scenes. Master P posted a tribute to tWitch on social media that triggered his son, who made a very pointed response on his story. “Today was a boiling point,” Romeo said. “I saw a man avoid his own children struggle […] but post another man whom passed today that he doesn’t even know.” He concludes the rant with, “yall idols be lost. Better stop following the blind. Watch when it’s revealed.”

Many people were shocked or had not realized that Tytyana had passed. “Damn 🫣 well, we really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Praying Romeo is good,” said one person. Another said, “holding your family accountable isn’t beefing,” addressing all the people asking if Romeo and his dad were at odds. It is unclear how much Master P was involved in Tytyana’s struggle before she passed. As previously mentioned, he also dealt with substance abuse while married to her mother and claims it is the reason he left her in the first place.

Master P has not responded to Romeo’s accusations. This is the first time the father-son duo has addressed issues publicly.

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