Riley Burruss’ Latest Image Has Fans Questioning If The 20-Year-Old Is Expecting

The Real Housewives franchise has given us front-row seats to see some of our favorite reality television stars blossom in their respective fields. From weddings to business ventures, and of course, becoming parents. Watching their kids grow up is an even more unique experience, as in a few seasons, it feels like some of them sprout from toddlers to full-grown adults with their own families. Kandi Burruss journey on television has allowed us to watch her daughter Riley Burruss growing up. Let’s take a look at her journey and how a recent social media post has many believing she might be on to a major life milestone of her own.

Kandi Burruss was an established singer, songwriter, and performer when she welcomed her first child Riley Burruss in August 2002. At the time, Kandi was dating a man named Block, who she had interacted with a few times around Atlanta before they exchanged numbers at a car dealership. Block was still in a relationship with his baby’s mother and claimed that Kandi was aware. However, Burruss says she had no idea and broke things off with him after she found out. “We only dated a few months,” Kandi remembered. “It was very short. I found out he was still in a relationship with his other kids’ mom, so I ended our relationship, but I was already pregnant with Riley.”

Unfortunately, Block was not always present in Riley’s life. When Kandi started her tenure on Real Housewives, he would eventually resurface in an attempt to build a relationship with Riley. This would be an on-again, off-again occurrence, and he was eventually accused of owing the “No Scrubs” writer over 100k in back child support. Riley revealed plans to use it for college. Riley has come into her own over the years and has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. She currently has 814k followers on Instagram and frequently shares pictures of her sporting various looks, hair, and makeup. She shares her favorite foods via a separate account called @EatingwithRiley.

When it comes to food, Riley had a remarkable weight loss journey that inspired her fans and followers. Back in 2018, the then teen lost an astonishing 52lbs. Her mother took to social media to proclaim how proud she was of her baby, as she did it “the right way.” In a lengthy caption under a before and after collage, Kandi said, “I’m so proud of my baby @rileyburruss! Last year (around September, I think), Riley decided to get serious about being fit. With the help of her trainer @iamthekingoffitness she’s lost 52lbs!!!!” She continued, “Y’all just don’t understand how hard it is to grow up in front of the public eye & in front of social media trolls who make negative comments about kids’ weight. Luckily Riley has tough skin & doesn’t let it bother her.”

Riley just celebrated her 20th Birthday, and it appears that after putting some of the weight back on, she lost it just in time for her birthday photoshoot. Under Kandi’s birthday post for her daughter, fans said, “I’m so glad she lost the weight again. She struggled a lot with her weight! So happy for her.” Another responded, “Sis wasn’t playing with the weight! She looks amazing.”

Despite her very public journey with her weight, fans have been critical of recent pictures of Riley. She posted a mirror selfie of her holding her belly, which appeared to be rounder than usual. The New York University junior got a lot of flack from fans who criticized her for being too young to start a family. “Riley Burruss is pregnant???” asked one fan. Another said, “the pic is giving ‘hey y’all I’m five months today’😂🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Riley took to her Tiktok to address the pregnancy rumors. She looked at the camera, annoyed while lipsyncing to a viral soundbite of Wendy Williams saying “No!” followed by “Don’t ask.” Fans in the comments were confused as to why she would post such a misleading image and if she was trying to make people think she was with child. “She did that on purpose just so we can have something to talk about,” said one. Another said, “How are we supposed to know when you are doing the ‘I’m pregnant’ pose!” Do you think she purposely misled people, or was it all just a misunderstanding?

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