RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Nephews Have Inspired Reality Star To Rent Out Her Clothing With New Showroom

A mother will do anything for their child. The same saying can apply to RHOA star Marlo Hampton. However, fans of the show are beginning to see a different side of Hampton as she opens up about being a “munty” to her nephews. Doing all that she can to make sure that her nephews are provided for no matter what, Marlo Hampton has now reportedly begun to rent clothing to help supplement income.

RHOA fans were introduced to Marlo Hampton in 2011 when she was introduced as a “friend to the show.” Since her arrival, Hampton has been a mainstay on the show but remained a series regular and never a leading cast member or “peach holder .”Besides rifts with certain cast members, Marlo Hampton’s career as a stylist and businesswoman has gotten significant exposure. As for her personal life, Marlo Hampton has gotten more candid through the years. More recently, the reality star has revealed that she’s a “munty,” or a Mom/Aunty, as she’s raising her sister’s two young boys, Michael and William.  

According to Madamenoire, the boys’ mother was unfortunately admitted into a mental institution as she struggles with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Marlo Hampton expressed her love for children on the twelfth season of RHOA, revealing that she has an army of nieces and nephews. However, Hampton has no children of her own. 

Unfortunately, Marlo Hampton suffered two ectopic pregnancies in the past, which she shared during a luncheon hosted by Porsha Williams on the reality show. But taking her nephews in has shown her what motherhood is like.  Being a parent has its perks, and there is beauty in raising children. But it can also be highly challenging, especially in the financial department. Although Marlo Hampton has a reported net worth of $600,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth, multiple investments, an extravagant lifestyle, and a billionaire ex-boyfriend, she has seen how raising children affects you financially.   

According to a 2015 report by the United States Department of Agricultureparents raising a two-child home could spend close to $13k annually in child-rearing expenses alone. This includes housing, food, and education. In addition, prices have gone up for essential costs since 2015, no doubt raising that amount.

Marlo Hampton recently got candid about her fears in making provisions for her nephews. While speaking with Voguethe reality star expressed that the thought of being a “full-time munty” brought her to think about more ways to supplement income. Being the fashionista that she is, Hampton began to think about the large clothing selection that she had in her possession. The reality star never thought to sell her clothing but quickly began to consider doing so. But she could not remove herself from the sentimental value of the clothing or the reality of how much she purchased them for.

With this thought, Marlo Hampton got the idea to open a showroom where various pieces of fashion from her closet could be rented. Interestingly, fans of the show have witnessed Hampton’s lavish fashion choices but often wondered how she’s able to purchase them. Now it seems that she’s taking her fashionable pieces and using them to support her nephews.

The RHOA reality star opened Le’ Archive, and the showroom houses over 5,000 pieces that are available to rent only. According to the business’s website, clients are only seen by appointment and are only accessible to “wardrobe stylists, fashion directors, costume designers, tastemakers, and creative directors.” If you happen to fall under that list, you are open to renting various high-end shoes, clothes, and accessories, along with home decor. The pieces are easily palatable for anything from photoshoots to music videos, advertising campaigns, and more.

If that is not enough to bring income in to help support her two young nephews, Marlo Hampton was finally revealed as a peach holder for RHOA. An emotional video showed the reality star getting word of the news with the surprise news broken by production. After all these seasons, it’s evident that her pay will increase, already adding on to the many sources of income that Marlo Hampton receives. 

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