RHOA Kandi Burruss’ OLG Faces Drama On Television While Her Blaze Restaurant Faces Drama Off Screen With Multiple Violations

Scared money don’t make no money, and Kandi Burruss proves it! Even in 2022, the legendary singer, songwriter, and television personality continues to receive income from various businesses and outlets. Not only is she a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and member of the iconic R&B group Xscape, but Kandi is also currently seeing another musical resurgence. But not everything seems to be going well in Burruss’s world.

Kandi, The Serial Entrepreneur 

It’s already a well-known fact that Kandi Burruss-Tucker has made unimpeachable strides in the music business. A hiatus from the multi-platinum selling group Xscape didn’t stop the show for Kandi. She wrote chart-topping songs for artists from N’Sync to Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, and TLC.  

Aside from her musical efforts, Kandi has been highly successful with her multiple business ventures. In 2011, she founded her intimate toy line, Bedroom Kandi, which has expanded to cosmetics and bath and body products, as per the company website. Other ventures of Kandi’s include her beauty line, Kandi Koated Cosmetics, and an Atlanta-based boutique that she co-owns with longtime friend Peaches named Tags ATL

The Georgia-born entrepreneur and her husband, Todd Tucker, also decided to cater to mothers with a children’s lifestyle brand they created and named after their son called Raising Ace. Kandi also gives back by way of her nonprofit organization, Kandi Kares. According to the organization’s website, they are committed to educating, empowering, and enriching “the lives of single parents, and children who are the product of single-parent homes.”

Although Kandi has achieved much in her 46 years on this Earth, she has no plans to slow down. In fact, she recently revealed another dream that she’s been manifesting. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared in an interview with Revolt that she would love to be an EGOT winner one day. 

One down, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony to go!

Kandi, who has acted on Broadway before, was revealed to be one of the producers of the acclaimed play, Thoughts Of A Colored Man. Speaking with E! News, she expressed how “amazing” it felt to be involved in the “first production starring all Black men, a Black writer, a Black director, a Black-led producing team.”

The “Don’t Think I’m Not” singer also was involved in husband Todd Tucker’s 2014 play “A Mother’s Love.” Almost a decade later, one of the production’s songs, “Legs, Hips, Body,” has taken over social media by going viral.  Burruss is also no stranger to television, being one of the main cast members of the hit Bravo TV reality show. She is also now one of the recurring cast members of Showtime’s The Chi.  

With the success of her time on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi has become the only housewife in the franchise’s history to have multiple spin-offs. This includes, and is not limited to, “The Kandi Factory,” her wedding special, and “Kandi’s Ski Trip.”

Kandi and The Gang

One of Kandi’s latest projects happens to be another Bravo show, Kandi & The Gang. The show is centered around another business of hers and Todd’s, a restaurant known as Old Lady Gang (OLG). Inspired by moments and recipes from her mother, Joyce Jones, and aunts Bertha Jones & Nora Wilcox, Old Lady Gang has more than one location open. Many prominent names have also appeared to enjoy the services of the establishment.

But the opening of Old Lady Gang has not come without its share of bad reviews and critics, both on and off social media. So Kandi’s latest reality show attempts to open the lens on the behind-the-scenes drama while trying to keep the business afloat. According to an interview the reality star held with Pop Culture, Kandi wants to “address” all of the issues attached to the restaurant on the show by being completely honest, including “keeping the level of service up that we needed to.”

OLG Has Faced Five Violations

Some of those issues have come to light, including an unfortunate violent incident that injured three people in February 2020. Furthermore, Old Lady Gang has seemingly become inundated with multiple C ratings from the Georgia Department of Health. Starting in 2021, reports surfaced of the low rating due to the improper handling of their foods and storage and temperatures above the allowed 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It was also revealed on the reality show that members of Kandi’s staff were romantically involved behind her back. 

Blaze Steak House Faced 16 Violations

Another restaurant opened by the couple, “Blaze Steak & Seafood Restaurant,” also has had its share of problems. But, according to a post on Instagram, Todd Tucker wanted to fill the gap of great dining within the Black community, propelling him to open the establishment.

However, that restaurant also has faced 16 violation for standards not met in the areas of – Adequate ventilation and lighting, Insects, rodents, and animals not present and Food properly labeled; original container, to name a few. A failed routine inspection in May of 2021 caused them to temporarily close their doors. The following week, Blaze Steakhouse reduced their violations from 16 to 8 during a follow-up inspection.

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