Remy Ma Recalls Mike Tyson Blocking Her Upstairs As A Kid Attempting To Get Her To Stay The Night

Remy Ma has been happily married for years now to her husband, Papoose. However, Fat Joe and Mike Tyson revealed late last year that the former Heavyweight Champion of the World had been trying to court the Bronx rapstress early on in her career. During a recent sit down with Jason Lee on his new talk show, Remy Ma recalls the awkward exchange.

Mike Tyson sat down to talk with Fat Joe and Angie Martinez on his podcast HotBoxin’ a few months ago. At the insistence of Iron Mike, Fat Joe retold a story of a party at Mike’s house that he attended with his “sister” Remy Ma. According to Joe, Mike greeted them at the door with several women present in “every room of the house.” Despite all the available girls already there for him, Mike was smitten by Remy and was willing to spend some cash for a night alone with her.

Mike recalls offering Remy $500k and a brand-new car if she would give him some play. A protective Joe says that he could not let his sister take the offer and turned it down on her behalf. When questioned about it on Jason Lee’s show, an uncomfortable Remy began sipping her drink and trying to change the subject. She clarified that the incident happened well before she met her husband, Papoose. “I was a kid. I was a teenage,” she recalls. “It was just weird. I’m mad that that story even came out.” Remy says she recalled being scared at the time and confesses to the memory making her scared in the present too.

Fans in the comments felt for Remy, and despite her trying to make light of it, many saw the clear signs of trauma from an unwanted advance. “She ain’t wanna say the wrong thing, but I feel her! I tell men no all the time outta fear. Some of y’all aggressive.” Others felt the question was inappropriate due to Remy being happily married now. Another person said, “She was a KID. Let that sink in. We glorify this.”

Mike Tyson claimed he was only messing with her at the time.

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