Reginae Carter Describes What She Require From A Man When Dating

Buckle up your seatbelts. Reginae Carter talks about what she requires when dating , and any man she chooses is definitely in for a ride. Many men may want to take the daughter of Lil’ Wayne out or perhaps make her their lady. But dating the young Carter comes with quite a lot of requirements. 

Reginae Carter recently hopped on her Instagram Live to engage with her followers and answer whatever inquiries they may have about her personal life. Fans of Carter know that she was previously in a relationship with Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci. The two were in an on-and-off relationship that spanned between 2018 to 2020. One of the questions that a fan had for her was what her ideal first date would look like.

“Listen up, y’all, listen up,” Reginae Carter states as she prepares herself to say what a “cute” first date would be like for her. Admittedly, the Social Society co-host states that she is “extra” and would rather her date go “above and beyond” for her. But then, Carter shares the two ways she envisions her first date to go. The first way which Reginae Carter prefers is for her man to inform her that she is to pick out an outfit because he’s taking her out. After she plays coy and asks her date where he plans to take her, Reginae Carter envisions him saying that he’s already picked out her outfit.  

Clarifying that this is indeed a first date and not Valentine’s Day, she continues with her elaborate vision. Reginae Carter imagines retrieving the outfit that her date has picked out for her. Once she gets ready and admires how “cute” she looks, the Growing Up Hip Hop reality star anticipates that her date has sent a driver to pick her up and transport her to wherever the predetermined destination. 

Reginae Carter smiles and smooths her hair as she thinks about the idea of where her date could possibly be. Surprisingly, the television personality sees herself pulling up to a stadium. Imagine stadium lights shining down to brighten the empty venue as Reginae Carter enters and sees an elaborate set-up planned just for her… on their first date.

But if that is not their first date, Carter states that the options could also include the man renting out a movie theater or restaurant. “Just something very private because I don’t like people in my business like that,” said Reginae Carter. Of course, she would love it to be private so that platforms like The Shade Room won’t blow it up and expose their outing to the world. “Just make it private,” she continues. “Please, baby, because I do not want you to be seen on the first date.” Carter explains that even though she may be on a lavish first date, that does not mean she will end up liking the person. But there is hope because once it hits her that she’s in this experience, Reginae Carter feels that she will end up liking who she is on the date with.

Next, Carter proclaims that the intention is to have an enjoyable time. But after everything is all said and done, her date is taking her home and waiting to make sure that she gets in safe. There will also be no sexual activities taking place, according to Reginae Carter. “He don’t wanna do the booty because he loves me, and he respects me,” exclaimed Carter.  

And that concludes Reginae Carter’s ideal “amazing first date.” But if that doesn’t happen, she explains the second type of date she’d like. This one also includes dinner and a movie. However, the movie theater still has to be rented out. “Like, come on, bro,” she says, claiming that it’s not that hard for anyone to make such a gesture.   And to be clear, if a man cannot do something as “simple” as renting out a theater, Reginae Carter is simply not interested in her time being wasted. She states that if you can do what she’s listed in her scenario and make her “wowed,” then things will go well.

Carter’s demands add to her previous claims that her next partner cannot have children as she refuses to date another man with kids. The television personality also stated that she would no longer be dating anymore rappers following her failed relationship with YFN Lucci.  

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