Regina Hall Publicly Denies Rumor Her and Chadwick Boseman Dated After Years Of Speculation

Regina Hall is currently on the promotional run for her new film Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. She stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the film, and while there, she opened up about her notoriously private life. Hall comes from a pre-social media Hollywood and has always kept to herself when it came to her dating life and who she is seeing. However, she did make it a point to clear up one lingering rumor about her. 

Regina Hall is rumored to have dated several high-profile men. This includes Hill Harper, Damon Wayans, Aaron Afflalo, and Felix Sanchez. For a time, it was also rumored that she had dated Chadwick Boseman. Hall explains that rumors do not usually bother her, and she’s ok with people thinking what they want because she knows the truth. However, in the case of Chadwick, Hall felt the need to clarify things because he is married and now deceased. Regina says that she met Chadwick at a Vanity Fair party, and they exchanged pleasantries. He was already with his wife, then just his fiance, and she met her as well that evening. Hall says that Chadwick was never inappropriate, and she did not want to dishonor his legacy by letting people believe they dated. 

The images from the Vanity Fair party show the duo, whose outfits happen to coincidently favor one another. There was also a video of him helping Regina down the stairs as well that had people on Twitter shipping the two instantly. However, fans found other images from the event that confirm that Chadwick was there with his wife, vocalist Taylor Simone in one photo of them smiling it up with Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke. 

Regina went on to tell another story about a time when a deceased friend’s wife found some emails and assumed they were cheating. Hall says that she was campaigning with the man for Barak Obama, and he brought her some flip flops due to her feet hurting. A week before he died, they exchanged emails where she thanked him for her “expensive shoes.” She felt so bad when his wife found the email because of how it looked and said she always tries to avoid those types of confusions. 

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