Tammy Rivera Talks Being A Supportive Parent When it Comes To Raising A ‘Fluid’ Teen

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame have been raising their daughter Charlie together in front of the world. Through various reality show stints, we’ve seen Charlie develop into a dynamic young woman who is a clear reflection of the times we are in. Like many teens now, Charlie is empowered to experiment with her identity and gender expression. This is something unique for a hip-hop family like hers, and we’ve seen Waka and Tammy work through all the curveballs together to help give Charlie all the support she needs.  

During their series Waka & TammyWhat the Flocka, Charlie opened up about wanting to have her girlfriend escort her to her Quincenera. Her mother instantly supported her and helped her get the support of Waka as well.  Charlie expressed some concerns about her step-father Waka Flocka finding out as he’s had a history of saying some off-color things about queer people in the media. Waka seemed unfazed by her coming out and quickly threw support behind the young lady. He even went on social media and cleared up past comments he made about Zaya Wade, expressing that the happiness of your child is everything. 

It’s safe to assume Tammy played a large role in this. The singer and reality star is very vocal about her daughter, and during their relationship together really helped push Waka to be better.  Now when it comes to her baby, Tammy really just wants Charlie to be happy. In an interview with Beauty and the Beats Podcast, she opened up about how her daughter’s changing interest can be jarring at the time but she is supporting her no matter what. She told the hosts that Charlie initially came out as gay before deciding she was bisexual. The teen is now dating a boy, but Tammy says she still catches Charlie looking at girls when they are out in public. 

Tammy struggled initially with her daughter’s identity and, for a moment, suspected that she was being influenced by other people. She went through Charlie’s phone and realized that her daughter was taking the lead in most of her relationships and that it was not someone else at all pushing her to experiment. 

It’s obvious that Charlie seems to be very fluid at the moment, meaning someone whose physical attraction is not specific to a certain gender and can vary based on the person and their chemistry. While people who prefer the term fluid tend to use it as a way to avoid stricter labels, there are, in fact categories of it and how people define themselves. 

Those attracted to both genders are considered bisexual. There are also people who exist off the spectrum of gender and define as non-binary or non-conforming. People with attractions to both gendered and non-gendered people could be considered pansexual. There is also demisexuals, which is an attraction based purely on emotional connection and has nothing to do with gender, so demi people are also a form of fluid. 

As we’ve seen with the Wade family and how their daughter Zaya has flourished with their supporting her transition, parents like Dwyane, Gabrielle, and Tammy are important. You have to love and support your kids through all their changes. 

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