Reality Star Tami Roman Shares The One Cosmetic Procedure She Regrets

Tami Roman has been famous for over two decades. The reality television star has seen her career rise and fall and rise again. Like her career, her body evolution has been similar. The petite personality has been candid about her struggles with weight and body dysmorphia. At one point, she even got enhancements trying to achieve a desired look. She later admitted to regretting them.

Roman was introduced to the world as a beautiful fresh-faced Hollywood hopeful on The Real World. The years since have seen her develop into an actress and comedian while still being a powerhouse on the reality television circuit. Through it all, she has always sported a slim physique. This was not by mistake, as Roman has confessed to going to extremes to achieve the body type she felt would make her the most desirable and successful. “I’m extremely thin because that’s what I felt I had to be in order to be beautiful And every day is a challenge,” she told a magazine in 2022.

Roman admits that the battle to stay thin became so problematic that she took it as a “mission.” The slightest bit of extra fat would send her over the edge, and she developed terrible eating disorders and body image issues. Roman says it stems from her days of trying to become a model and being told terrible things about her appearance by agencies. “I was tall, and that lady basically annihilated my self-esteem,” she said of a specific model agent. “That’s why I got my mouth wired shut, and I was already thin. I thought this must really be what’s wrong with me.”

Issues with weight got even more dynamic when Roman was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which made her fluctuate even more. Negative comments from fans didn’t help, and it’s a constant struggle. Now imagine the added pressure of trying to remain thin for years just for the industry to begin favoring bigger, bustier women. Several of Roman’s cast members on Basketball Wives are much curvier than Tami, with several enhancements and augmentations.

It would make sense then that Roman would want to also add while trying to stay so slim. In an episode with The Drs several years ago, Roman admits to getting butt injections that she eventually regretted. Well before Cardi B and Blac Chyna admitted to trying to get their butts reduced due to bad surgeries and health complications, Roman was speaking out about the big butt craze and how she fell for it. While laughing about her bonnet chronicles series, one of the doctors asked Tami, “In your own world, any regrets when it comes to cosmetics?”

Roman admits that the fake booty craze definitely got to her. “I got the booty injections, and I hate it. This is straight injections of your own fat. I thought it would do some good; I thought I was plumping it. Now I want to dump it,” she told the doctors. Tami admits that most women think it’s a good idea but should think again. K Michelle has also been very vocal about butt injections and how they almost claimed her life. The R&B singer created a show around her journey where she helped other correct life threatening procedures.

Tami Roman never revealed if she had the procedure reversed. The reality star is currently staring in BET+ original series, The Ms. Pat show.

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