Reality Star Nene Leakes Seen With New Man and Fans Are Torn

Linnethia “NeNe” Leakes is moving on, but is it too fast? The reality star has been working hard to move forward after the passing of her husband, Gregg Leakes. Their 25-year courtship saw them marry twice and build an empire together in the process. Unfortunately, Gregg would lose his battle with cancer, leaving Nene Leakes a widow. Now, the Real Housewife is alone and trying to make the best of her new life and circumstances. It appears new life has already yielded new love, as Nene was spotted with a gentleman recently. Is she already in the arms of another man? And is it too quick?

A bald, bearded, and currently unidentified older man was spotted posing it up with Nene Leakes at an event. The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram account posted pictures of the distinguished man and a video of him and Nene Leakes together. “Okay! Nene’s Lil friend is a Zaddy!” The Neighborhood Talk captioned the post. The photo showed two pictures of the man and a screenshot from a comments section. The comment said, “The moment you think you know something inside-out is the moment you stop listening. That’s when you go backwards faster than you progressed.” Nene responded to that comment by saying, “I love all of it (heart emoji).”

In the actual comments section of the post, people sang her praises, commending her for moving on. “Judge ya mami. Live ya life girl!!!” said one person. “For people saying she’s moving on too fast, if you have never lost a spouse, then you really can’t form a realistic opinion. Only judgment, and some of you REALISTICALLY ain’t got the room to do so. Wishing her all the healing and happiness ❤️‍🩹” said another.

Other fans did not show the same support, accusing Nene of moving on too fast and maybe even having him around before Gregg passed. “She moved on that fast?” said one fan. “Chile, it ain’t been 5 mins,” responded another. Many pointed out that Nene had permission from Gregg to move on. In interviews following his passing, she told news outlets that she and Gregg found peace in his passing and that he requested that she move on once he was finally gone. “He wanted me to be happy,” she told fans on IG following the announcement of his death.

Leakes stopped by The Real last month and discussed how men had been in her DM’s already, but she was not sure if she was ready to respond. Nene seemed to still be mourning and admitted to missing his touch, his voice, and his advice. The widow confesses to not realizing how much he did for her before he passed, admitting that she did not even know how to contact their gardener.

In an IG story prior to that, Nene told her followers that she was thankful for their support and gave a special shoutout to men trying to court her. “And all the gentlemen that have been in my DMs, thank ya’ll too,” she said while giggling nervously. She then let out a flirtatious “Heyyyyy!” At the time, she said she was “doing her” and was not ready but enjoyed reading their messages. If things have changed, Nene Leakes has not made it official. Judging by the pictures, she is well past entertaining DMs.

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