R&B Singer SZA’s New Look Is Trending Leaving Fans With Mixed Reactions

SZA is kicking off 2023 on top of the world. The R&B superstar took a lengthy hiatus between albums. Despite keeping fans busy with a handful of well-received singles, everyone was eager to get their hands on her sophomore album. Well, in addition to the 23-song LP, they also got a glimpse of a new SZA. The singer is back with a new body to go along with her new music.

SZA’s physical evolution is as unique and dynamic as her music. The Top Dog Entertainment belle was first introduced to the world in 2013. At the time, SZA’s image was in line with the cool kids of the internet culture and she was slightly chubbier. With oversized shirts and big brown curls, SZA looked like the girl next door. People championed her refreshing take on R&B and relatable image and appeal. She spent years building buzz with a series of well-received EPs and features, including Rihanna’s “Consideration” off ANTI.

As SZA prepared for her debut album, she began polishing up her look to appear to a wider audience. Her tom-boy style was offset with tighter-fitting and edgier clothing to show off her weight loss. Her signature wild locks appeared more tamed and styled, and she was more visible in her art than ever before. People were enamored by her beauty and even more in love with the music. CTRL would go on to stream 49.52 million times in its first week and debut in the top 10.

The next few years would find SZA touring, vacationing, and enjoying life. We saw more skin as well as she began to flaunt her body more and more. While her single “Say It Like That” featured the line “you know I’m sensitive bout having no booty,” that could not have been further from the case as SZA began getting visible body modifications. Much like her frequent collaborators Cardi B and Summer Walker, SZA began to look much more like the girls she sang about losing her men to on CTRL.

As SZA began rolling out singles for what would ultimately be her sophomore album SOS, the visuals showed a curvier SZA sporting less clothes and more confidence. The first single, “Hit Different,” featured a completely nude SZA posing in a field covered in paint, while “Good Days” featured her twerking on mushrooms and performing on a stripper pole in the middle of a gas station.

She then joined Summer Walker in the video for “No Love,” where again she showed off her new curves in barely there clothing and provocative dancing. Same for her Doechii collaboration “Persuasive,” where she performed on top of a car. SZA is historically honest and open about life, so when promotion for SOS rolled around, and we saw her yet again naked and covered in paint, it was obvious she had gotten some work done and was in the process of making her backside fuller and rounding out her hips.

The artist confirmed the new additions on her title track for SOS. Right at the top of the album, she says, “So classic, that a** so fat, it looks natural, it’s not.” She doubled down on “Conceited,” saying, “I don’t like nobody, I don’t feel guilty about it. I just got my body done, ain’t got no guilt about it. I just heard your opinion, I could’ve did without it.”

Many have praised her new body and championed women’s right to get work done. She joins a long list of celebrities to get enhancements dating back to Lil Kim and right up through Nicki Minaj. While it has not always been as common in R&B music, SZA, Summer, Queen Najia, and more are making it regular.

Over on Twitter, there have been mixed reactions to SZA’s new body. “Sza got the best bbl in the world,” said one fan. another shared, “I hate that SZA even told y’all she got a Bbl cause y’all got a whole lot to say about her body that you were not saying before.” Meanwhile, SZA seems truly unbothered and continues to post pictures showing off her new physique.

“I walk like my name Pam lol🥸” she said in one clip of her strutting. JT commented, “It’s heavy,” while Doechii said, “you so fine.”

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