R&B Singer Sammie Reveals He’s Been Having Mommy Issues All His Life

R&B singer Sammie is in the news this week following some legal issues his mother has been facing. In the past Sammie has opened up about his mother and their strained relationship, even teasing a book about. He addressed how she has always been tough and how this impacted him throughout his adult life.

“All my life, I thought I had daddy issues,” Sammie admitted to someone off-screen. He said that due to his parents splitting up when he was young, his father fostered more of a friendship with him than a parental relationship. With age, he learned that this dynamic was not the source of his issues and that, instead, it was his mother causing him problems.

“My mom was very tough,” he recalls. Sammie says his mother never appreciated what he did around the house as a kid, making him seek her approval constantly. This led to issues in his adult relationships, and he always looked for approval from women. “I wanted my mom to be like ‘I’m proud of you, son.'”

Sammie goes on to say that he has found peace with the trauma in his life by addressing it. “I tell my mom, ‘when I tell you I’m on 106 & Park, I need you to watch,” Sammie says his father may not have been in the house every day, but he showed up for every single game and showed.

Sammie’s mother is currently in police custody after being accused of shooting at a woman who she assumed was following her car. The woman was found unresponsive in her vehicle.

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