R&B Singer Monica Claims She’s Has Fallen In Love With Corey Miller Again, For The Third Time

Some bonds just can’t seem to be broken. R&B singer Monica has been singing this tune very recently. Judging from her recent social media posts, Monica has been throwing hints that she wants that old thing back with her former lover, Corey Miller.

Monica’s relationship with Corey Miller, perhaps better known by his artist name “C-Murder,” dates back to the late 1990s. Corey Miller is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and is known for singles like 2000’s “Down for my N’s.” Neither Monica nor Miller knew one another prior to dating. Instead, rapper Foxy Brown was responsible for the pair’s meeting. Monica shared in a past interview with VIBE Magazine that the Brooklyn rapper called her on the telephone and when she answered, the phone was passed to Corey Miller. From there, as they say, the rest was history. 

“It was like I had known him forever from that one conversation,” the chart-topping singer recalled during the interview. Monica also expressed that Corey Miller was there for her throughout a health scare. At 18-years-old, the singer was performing in Washington D.C. when she began to feel weird while singing “Angel of Mine.” According to BlackDoctor.org, Monica collapsed after walking to the side of the stage to ask for help and soon found out that she was battling a minor heart condition called mitral valve prolapse.

But through this traumatic experience, Corey Miller was there for her. The rapper was there to help bring her to the hospital and also stuck by her side during her month-long hospital stay. According to Vibe, they were soon engaged after Corey Miller brought Monica to Six Flags Over Georgia and proposed to her while they were on a sky lift.

Sadly, like the skylift, what comes up is soon to go back down. Such was the case with their relationship. But while there were rumors of infidelity and another marriage that occurred, Monica made it clear the relationship’s end had nothing to do with any of the sorts. In fact, with both artists being booked and busy, conflicting schedules contributed to the couple’s demise. Soon enough, Corey Miller would go on to marry another woman. At the same time, Monica returned to her ex, who sadly made a choice to take his own life not too long after they reconnected.

The tragedy didn’t cease to arrive for the pair. Corey Miller would soon find himself in a world of trouble with the law that would see him behind bars for life. He was arrested and convicted in 2002 for his connection to the tragic ending of a 16-year-old’s life. Years later, Corey Miller was sentenced in 2009 and has been imprisoned at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

In 2003, Monica dropped her successful third album, After The Storm, which included the fourth single, “U Should’ve Known Better.” The song’s lyrical content circled around a woman who is attempting to reassure her lover that she would hold him down while he was incarcerated. Furthermore, the rumor has long been that the single was inspired by her relationship with Corey Miller. 

While they have not been together for over a decade, it is evident that the connection between Monica and Corey Miller has not died. Monica has been ever vocal in her support of Miller’s release and has turned the heat up in recent years.   In 2020, Monica took to her Instagram Stories to reveal plans to assist in Corey Miller’s freedom, stating that she would do whatever it takes. Monica even enlisted the assistance of her newfound friend Kim Kardashian, whom she was introduced to by La La Anthony.  

Monica expressed that the conversations surrounding their friendship were at first disappointing because that was not her motivation. “This wasn’t about a relationship,” she said in a radio interview with Atlanta’s V103 station. “This was about freedom.”But it seems as though things may be escalating. Corey Miller has been posting on his social media accounts that he will take care of Monica once he is released and has even showered her with birthday gifts. Monica has even also been dedicating a segment of her show to Miller, which has been getting back to him.

A recent post from Monica shows that she might have fallen once again for Corey Miller. She posted herself in the bed with the caption, “when you fall in love with a [expletive] for the 3rd time,” but claims that she “loves it here.”

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