R&B Singer Mariah Carey Petitions For Primary Custody Weeks Following The Birth Of Nick Cannon’s 12th Child

Nick Cannon’s rapidly expanding family might be getting the best of him. The famous dad has made the whole experience seem easy enough for the public, but behind closed doors, the Cannon clan is struggling with the patriarch, who does not seem to have enough time for all of his kids. While many of his baby mothers rely on him for financial support, there is one who does not need Cannon at all, and she is ready to fight for primary custody of her children.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s relationship seemed to come completely out of left field. After courting the “We Belong Together” singer and starring in one of her videos, Nick and Mimi became official. Marriage, children, and a giant “Mariah” tattoo across his back seemed to signify a union that would stand the test of time. By 2014, the duo had separated, and their divorce was finalized by 2016. Cannon and Carey share twins Monroe and Moroccan, who arrived in April of 2011.

In the decade since becoming a father, Nick has welcomed a dozen other kids with a handful of women. This includes a second set of twins and a baby girl with DJ Abby De La Rosa; three kids with Brittany Bell; one with LaNisha Cole; one with Breana Tiesi and one on the way with Alyssa Scott who was also the mother of his baby Zen who passed away in 2021.

It’s a busy life for Cannon, who also hosts The Masked Singer, his radio show in the mornings, tours with the Wild N Out cast while still hosting the show, and is always pursuing new business ventures and projects, including his music career. Cannon manages all of this while fighting lupus, a disease that landed him in the hospital not too long ago.

Around Christmas, TMZ caught up with Cannon to ask how he planned to see all his kids that year. Cannon said he would be traveling all through the night to see them all. While some moms seemed happy and content with Nick’s contributions, LaNisha Cole took to IG with a lengthy post explaining how she was getting tired of being called “baby mama #538.” She discussed making mistakes and getting out of a toxic relationship that many considered to be Nick. Another baby mother was criticized for complaining about child care, with followers questioning why Nick did not have help present for her.

Mariah Carey is the OG baby mama and by far the most successful. While she has always kept it cute, Mimi seems a bit fed up with Nick not showing up for her children. The queen of Christmas is reportedly taking her ex-husband to court and demanding full custody of their twins since he is not holding up his end of their parenting arrangement.

Sources close to the story say, “The reality of the situation is that Monroe and Moroccan are usually with Mariah anyway.” However, Mariah wants to send a message to Cannon that he cannot “flit in and out of their lives while he attends to his other children.” She wants legal standing as the twins’ primary caregiver going forward.

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