R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Mourns Her Third Loss Of 2021 After Losing Her ‘Baby Girl’ Dog Lola Mae Cole

Keyshia Cole has had a tough 2021. The singer has suffered several losses, all of which she took to social media to mourn with her adoring fans. First was her birth mother, Frankie Lons, who passed in late July. Frankie was well known for appearing in several reality television shows, including Keyshia Cole’s hit BET series ‘The Way It Is’ and her own spin-off ‘Frankie & Neffe,’ featuring her daughter, Neffeteria Pugh.

The ‘Love’ singer shared many details of how she coped with the loss on social media, letting fans know her mother’s final wish was to see her kids come together one last time. However, Keyshia Cole didn’t realize she would face another loss only a few months later when her adopted father, Leon Cole, passed in November. The singer took to social media to share a post of her and her father smiling and dancing – thanking him for giving her his last name and raising her. Now Keyshia Cole is mourning the loss of her dog, who she also calls ‘baby girl’ Lola Mae Cole.

Keyshia Cole took to social media to ask fans to help her commemorate the life of her dog Lola who recently passed at the age of 14. The singer posted a slideshow of memories of her beautiful dog. The terrier can be seen with mom Frankie smiling on a red carpet, with Keyshia at an event, and even sporting some cool shades during Keyshia Cole’s maternity shoot. In the following images, you can see Lola posing with Keyshia’s son Daniel Gibson Jr., riding with Keyshia and Daniel in his toy car, and cuddling with Keyshia in several poses.

In the caption, Keyshia Cole recalls how much Lola meant to her and how they bonded over the years. Keyshia called Lola “a companion fit for a queen” and recalled how the pup laid in bed with her for hours when Keyshia was nursing a broken heart after a breakup. The R&B singer also recalled how Lola and her son DJ did not initially get along but said their relationship came full circle, and in the end, they were very close. Lola was the “smartest animal” she had ever encountered, saying they were real-life best friends.

One of the more detailed memories she mentioned is when Lola gave birth to puppies right before the singer was set to headline Madison Square Garden, one of her biggest shows ever. She apologized to fans who had to wait for her that evening, but she was determined to stay by Lola’s side to help her deliver her puppies. This appears to have been while she was on tour with co-headliner Ne-Yo. The pair stopped by the famed arena on December 1, 2018.

Keyshia ended the post with some hope, letting fans know that nothing is “for a lifetime” and that she is learning to she is “constantly progressing.” In her story, she shared more pictures of Lola as well as a video of her son telling her, “we need a break, we need a vacation,” following all the loss they’ve suffered this year.

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