90s R&B Singer Jaguar Wright Taken Into Custody Days After Calling Out Jay-Z

Jaguar Wright is back in the news, for revealing details on some of our favorite celebrities. The soul singer recently set her target on hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, but it appears she had a run-in with the law shortly before being able to spill the beans on him.

Jaguar Wright is a disgruntled vocalist from the early 2000s who seemed to have all the promise in the world. Unfortunately for her, label politics and bad management led to her career derailing. In the age of social media, she has used her history with some high-profile stars to give herself a new platform, where she mostly tells stories some people would prefer to stay private. Most of Jaguar’s accusations center around celebrities’ preferences and dating history.

In recent weeks, Jaguar has come forward with accusations about Mary J. Blige. She also accused singer Raphael Saddiq of some crazy allegations. Wright usually takes to her IG live to vent, and in one from a few days, she had some stuff to say about Mase, Fat Joe, Jay-Z, and more. Jaguar Wright had a lot to say about the late rapper Big L, who’s life was taken in Harlem, New York, in the late ’90s. Wright says she mentored under Big L, born Lamont Coleman, and feels he does not get the love he deserves. Jaguar blames Jay-Z and Mase for not speaking up for L. She also admits that she and L dated but still had relationships outside of each other. “I had a man, he had a chick, but we had hip-hop. I never told nobody nothing.”

Jaguar Wright says that she is unhappy with the state of rap and wants to get Big L’s legacy “right for the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.” Jaguar Wright said he planned on discussing the intimate details of her relationship and mentorship with Big L and how Jay-Z and countless others wanted to “be him so bad.”


“You still not him. Just like Will Smith ain’t never gone be Tupac. Get over it,” she said to Jay-Z, addressing him by his government name Shawn Carter. She goes on to yell, “Jay-Z is not the best!” while clicking through songs from Big L and shouting, “[forget] Shawn Carter.” Jaguar says she planned to expose more details about how Jay-Z was trying to be Big L and might have even had him sacrificed.

Only days later, a video surfaced of Jaguar Wright being apprehended. According to a video shared on The Neighborhood Talk, Jaguar was taken into custody for putting hands on her husband. She reportedly threw their son’s ashes out of the car and can be heard screaming at law enforcement. While some connected her outburst to issues with mental instability, others believe she is only being targeted due to her trying to “call out” the industry.

“She been exposing stuff in the industry, and now this, Orlando Brown been exposing stuff in the industry he got arrested too,” said one fan under the post. Wright has since gone back on line to address rumors and says she does not blame Jay-Z for being taken into custody and instead blames bloggers.

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