R&B Singer Ciara Shares List Of Reasons Russell Wilson Is A Real Man

Ciara may be currently trying to promote a song about not needing a man, but the R&B diva is certainly not taking her own advice. Mrs. Wilson usually takes the high road when the world tries to dog her marriage, but has taken to social media to drop some knowledge on those still considering Russell Wilson a “square.” 

Ciara has been plugging her new single “DaGirls” in a few viral videos where she performs the song to the camera. “This is for the girls who don’t need no man,” she harmonizes. “This is for the girls that’s independent,” she sings as well. Some people think it’s weird for her to plug this type of energy since she has been thriving in her marriage for years now. “This song sucks, and so does the narrative,” said one person. “Meanwhile, u married, lol 😂,” said another person. 

Fans are simply not buying it and want Ciara to sing about what she knows instead of promoting the “single” life. “This is cap 🧢. Girl, you don’t need a man. Says the girl with a big rock on her ring finger 💍,” said another fan. While some tried to support her by pointing out that Beyonce released “Single Ladies” while married, others remember how low key Beyonce and Jay-Z kept their relationship for years so that it did not interfere with their music. In hindsight, since the couple has welcomed children and become more public, their music has almost exclusively been about their marriage. 

While Ciara might not be backing down on her new song, she still took time to plug her man on Valentine’s Day. “You’re the Best Part @DangeRussWilson. I love you so much, my sweet #Valentine❤️” In a post from the past, she also shouted out all the things that make her man “cool,” with a “definition” of what makes Russ “cool.”

“Cool is in the eye of the beholder,” she says in the caption. In the post, she describes a cool man as someone who is god-fearing, honorable, respectful, family driven, and responsible. “What are some qualities you see as COOL? #LevelUp,” she asked her fans. Maybe this should be the basis for new music instead? 

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